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Useful Tips For Saving Water

Useful Tips For Saving Water

The miser is one who makes every dollar (or drop) stretch and count! The wise too is one who stretches and makes every drop and dollar count. And it’s finally the wise who prevail. In the world of water leak detection, leak detection services, plumbing leak detection and residential water-line repairs, there remains one theme […]


What can’t be seen, troubles most! Like, the drains under our homes and the plumbing!  No one can see them. Yet, when they malfunction, you are deep in the red (as in red faced!)! What, then are the usual (or unusual) drain and plumbing repair services that you need to take care of? In reality, one […]

What comes to mind when you come across words like residential plumbing services or residential plumbing repair or residential drain cleaning or kitchen sink plumbing repair?The most obvious scenarios in residential plumbing repair, drain cleaning and kitchen sink plumbing would include: · Dripping taps needing a tweaking or change of washer(s) · Leaking bends · […]

Don’t neglect plumbing, drain & sewer cleaning. You could be heading for a big disaster! Residents of NJ, use the best! Use A-General Plumbing & Sewer Services That, which cannot be seen causes most problem. And that is because what cannot be seen cannot in most cases be anticipated. This is most relevant to plumbing, […]

What is Trenchless Sewer Line Repair?

What is Trenchless Sewer Line Repair?

Sewer blockage is one of the common problems homeowners face. The blockage not only spreads the foul smell and germs proving hazardous to the health but also creates a mess when the yard is dug to fix the problem in a sewer. For many years, repair or relining of sewage lines required a great amount […]

When you have a problem of breakage or blockage in the drain pipe or water line in your home, it is obviously, you as a home owner has to take the responsibility of that repair or replacement work responsibility. But the drain pipes which are a little far away from your home, then it is […]

Most of us would have faced a situation, where some sewer pipe or drains of our house is blocked and water is logging in the kitchen or bathroom area. In such situations either we have to clear the blockage ourselves using some chemical products like Trap-clear and in case the situation is quite serious, then […]

It may happen that some valuable items can vanish down the drain in the blink of an eye. You might take off that beautiful engagement ring to clean the dishes and it just drops in the sink and is drained. Or an earring that slipped down from the bathroom sink while taking a bath? You […]

Drain cleaning is a medicine to prevent the plumbing emergencies at home or commercial places. It should be done at least once a year, to ensure that your drain pipes continue to operate properly. You can simply hire a drain cleaning services that can schedule a date for you every year. However sometimes you may […]