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What’s the ugliest site in the world? A bath or kitchen whose taps and sinks are covered with hard-water scales! And if it’s about water, IT HAS TO BE ABOUT WATER SCALES! Water in its natural state, despite the best of efforts has in most cases, more than its share of calcium and magnesium. These […]


NJ is blessed with varied forms of water outlets, be it from the municipality of mother nature! You get water. And you get plenty of it! The ONLY likely catch (and this isn’t uniform by any stretch of imagination!) is that water in most parts of NJ is hard to various degrees. Though nowhere close […]

Pipes carrying water from the municipal lines to our homes can be equated to veins and arteries which carry blood to all the parts of the body. What they carry is essential to life and if they get clogged, life as we know it, can come to a grinding halt. In the case of the […]