Pros and Cons of Hydro-Jetting

Pros and Cons of Hydro-Jetting

In the unseen world of sewer lines, kitchen and toilet and human waste, there are times when nothing else works but a jet-blast of high-pressure water. If done after careful study of circumstances and existing conditions, such a thing can blast the offending matter and create a clear, unhindered path for sewer water to flow, and do so for the longest of time.

Yes, high-pressure drain jetting has its advantages without a doubt. If done the right way, it’s simply too overwhelming a force for things that stand in its way. But, there remains a caveat. One must understand the processes’ limits and so too those of the sewer line where it’s used.

We tell you of the pros and cons of jetting sewer line cleaning.


1. Cleans fast and effectively. A large volume of water hosed down a jetting nozzle is a formidable force that can blast the worst of offending matter in its path. Yes, if one understands the force and the condition of the sewer line, this is an incredible way to clear things in one go!

2. Most debris are simply blasted away. The jet of water simply blasts away things in its way- unless you have stern stuff like pieces of concrete and long-grown tree roots. The latter take time and if too widespread may reduce the processes’ efficacy. Other than that, there isn’t much that can withstand the force of hydro jet cleaning

3. Simplest of services! It’s water all the way, and that’s what makes it safe and with the minimum of side effects. Unlike chemical cleaning that may be necessary in certain cases, water doesn’t bother with side effects. Chemicals do and special precautions may be necessary. With jetting, there’s nothing call precautions.

4. Coupled with a video, the before and after effects of jetting become very evident. For jetting sewer lines services in new jersey, one of the best things about the process is that customers can be shown the “before” and “after” effects where things are coupled to a video recorder! The video also helps take necessary steps to obviate the repeat of any long-standing problem.

5. It could be the ONLY solution to a certain kind of problem. The build-up of tree roots and mud may lead to only this kind of a solution.

That said, high-pressure drain jetting has its limitations. It’s cons are mentioned below.

1. Not good if the sewer-line is old and dilapidated

Old sewer lines that decay with age may not be able to withstand the harsh blast of water from the jet spraying leading to further weakening and sometimes complete breaking down of the sewer line. If that’s so, it makes sense to use lesser invasive ways.

2. Not good if tree roots have grown into the sewer line

Tree-roots and old sewer lines seem to be made for each other! That said, where tree roots seem to have through the sewer line, jetting could have very limited usage with the roots likely to grow back quickly. Others options to divert the tree roots would first have to be explored.

3. Not good if the sewer line has deposits of oily sludge that needs to be treated with chemicals

high-pressure drain jetting essentially uses the velocity of water to get the job done. Where the offending matter is oily slurry or lumps, there isn’t much that water may do, in which case an approach that takes the help of specialized chemicals could be more effective and efficient.


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