Signs Your Commercial Plumbing Needs Repair

Signs Your Commercial Plumbing Needs Repair

A commercial space, be it an office, a factory or any other set-up that’s beside a home may need help with respect to plumbing, which can sometimes cover even serious issues including entire sewer-line cleaning and jetting to replacement of sewer pipes, the work typically of commercial plumbing services in New Jersey. Today we tell you of tell-tale signs that your commercial establishment may need help!

1. Backflowing commodes (and/ or kitchens, more so in the case of restaurants and spaces that have a full-fledged kitchen in place). Residential plumbing repairs in NJ quite frequently come across this kind of issue and could be a sign that your sewer has some serious chocking issue which could be for any number of reasons from obstruction that may have entered the pipeline to even dirt and tree roots occupying space meant for water to flow. It could also mean that people occupying offices and commercial establishments may have to change their habit of carelessly throwing things into the drain with the expectation that the latter is a black hole which it is not.

2. Stink pervading the office thru either the pantry or the toilet. This typically takes place when there is less water in the system leading to pockets of gases building up and reversing up into your space. Ideally, this is taken care in two ways.

  • One, water is constantly poured into the drain, and
  • Two, U-traps meant to hold water and keep the gases out are leaking and need to be changed with newer ones.

3. Water refusing to flow into drains! This typically happens in two situations.

  • One, there’s a local obstruction in the drain line, or
  • Two, there is an obstruction further down in the main drain line itself.

4. Stains on walls in the pantry and toilets. Stain, be it coloured or simply white patches on walls and glass surfaces besides taps and fixtures in toilet and pantry areas of office space could mean a few things:

  • Pipes embedded within walls are leaking, and/ or
  • Water flowing thru is hard (and that your commercial softener isn’t working)
  • Your faucets are leaking for quite some time which could do with repairs. If not cared for, it could lead to things like stains that can’t be removed or even in an inadvertent slip and fatal fall on the floor

5. Cold water flowing thru both the taps on your sink/ wash-basin. This is a classic case of the water heater/ boiler not functioning as desired or not functioning at all. All you can do is either change the whole unit or change just the coil that’s not functioning.

Commercial plumbing repair services in NJ area treat the above issues as normal though some including sewer-line cleaning may take time to commence and complete. That said, in case you encounter any of these problems, do not think twice before calling your residential plumbing repair services ASAP. It may seem small today but if left unattended could lead to bigger problems later.


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