Things to Be Done At Home Before Thanksgiving!

Things to Be Done At Home Before Thanksgiving!

It’s that time of the year when North America in its entirety prepare for Thanksgiving! Covid-19 may have dampened the zest but never the feast. The latter continues to be one thing Americans won’t go slow on in a hurry. And that precisely is the reason for some uncalled-for embarrassments if one doesn’t take adequate care of things that can’t be seen but is yet important to life.

Sewer-line cleaning and the saga of dirty, stinky toilets and worse, furniture inundated by sewer-water!

So before you folks get down to your knees praying to the Almighty for keeping home and hearth in shape, take a minute to think of the shape your sewer lines may be in. Among other, the following areas may need more than a thought:

  • U traps in the kitchen!

Get them cleaned thoroughly. If you think they deserve specialised treatment, get your favoured plumbers in the NJ area to come down, have a look and do the needful. Why now? Because kitchen u-traps and gully traps invariably take the load of lard, butter and other sticky stuff throughout the year. Over the year (or years in case you have forgotten!), the build-up leaves less space for water to pass through towards the sewer. At this juncture with homes filled with guests, such an eventuality could be like a ticking time-bomb that could undo all your best-laid plans. With a sudden increase in the amount of cooking and cleaning, the sewer could be overwhelmed enough to throw back what you feed it.

If you don’t want that happening at the wrong time, get it cleaned right away!

  •  Toilets

If U-traps are the biggest traps that can undo the best of parties, be informed that toilets ruin things even worse! The kitchen can at best throw back kitchen waste. Toilets do far worse! It could then be the right time to get the 24-hour emergency plumbing agency in your vicinity to come and check if everything in the toilet, be it the sink, the bath, the tub or the pot, are ship-shape. This could include doing preventive maintenance to obviate anything untoward.

  • Sewer-lines

If there’s even an iota of doubt that your sewer line isn’t performing as desired, this could be your last chance at salvaging your prestige! Sewer lines, especially in places that have been around for some time have the tendency of attracting all kinds of obstructions from silt to broken cement to even tree roots that may come through small cracks and spaces.

And Thanksgiving could just be the time when things fall in place and you end up with a lump in the most undesired of places. It could choke everything from toilets to kitchens and make you stick out in the neighbourhood worse than a sore thumb. While it’s advisable to stay safe and get things mended in time, there could still be time to salvage things before things head south.

The above being of utmost should be tacked on priority. There could other though not just as important including:

  • Leaking taps in toilets that could result in folks slipping and injuring themselves badly
  • Taps and fixtures not working as desired
  • Water-softeners and heaters not working as desired.

Of these, take the issue of water leaks very, very seriously as it is known to have turned Thanksgiving parties into tragedies with people slipping up in toilets and baths. The water-softeners and heathers could be a spot of bother because we can’t seem to be able to comprehend life without these. Though not essentials, they can make things uncomfortable to guests not used to life without them.

So folks, here goes. The list of things to be done before Thanksgiving when it comes to things related to hygiene, kitchens and toilets.


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