Tips to Prevent Plumbing Emergencies During Christmas

Tips to Prevent Plumbing Emergencies During Christmas

What can be better than the Christmas holidays! End of the year, whether on the right side and everyone in the right mood to party.

And then the inevitable happens. A kitchen sink that overflows into the living room and spoils the carpets and what have you. Worse still. Joining the mayhem is stuff that flows from the toilet. Nightmares. They have a way with spoiling happiness.

Or should they? Can they? Must they?

Unless you are the super-careless who would pick up his/ her drink and head for the porch while turning a blind eye to the mayhem within the home, there are a few things you can still do this late in the day with Christmas almost upon us.

1. Get assistance from 24 hours emergency plumbing services in new jersey RIGHT NOW!

Ask them to visit your place- irrespective of whether you place needs help or otherwise, and do a cursory inspection, and if needed, take the right action RIGHT THERE! DO NOT DELAY!

2. Plan wisely so that you do not get a large body of people at the same time!

Sewer and plumbing go for a toss most of the time due to a sudden surge in use. It overwhelms the system which promptly collapses due to the overload. That said, if the load is handled the right way, there’s every reason to believe nothing can ever go wrong. For this reason, try and have guests and parties in stages spread over the day or over days instead of inviting them all at the same time. They latter may save time, money and patience but may play havoc with the likes of your plumbing and sewer lines.

3. Be careful about what you dispose where, and how

Children enjoy holidays and celebrations the most. And children are also the reason behind most sewer clogging given their habit of throwing non-disposables right where they shouldn’t be. Like kitchen sinks and commodes. Done often, it will come back to haunt not in years but hours. It thus makes sense to put up notices all over the place on what to throw where. And have bins at strategic locations so that trash doesn’t find its way in places where they can clog.

4. Get leaking taps repaired fast!

The tipsy don’t need a reason to fall. That said, falls in baths and toilets are among the most fatal. The reason in almost all cases has to do with leaking faucets and taps. Even a leak in the flush system may lead to fatalities when someone slips on a slippery floor. So, get it all inspected, repaired, and where needed, changed.

5. Get floors cleaned!

Any flat surface with a layer of water is a potential bomb that won’t explode but will kill never-the-less. Get every part of the house checked for this one reason, be it in the porch, the kitchen, the living room or of course the bath and toilet areas. Even if there’s a faint possibility, get it addressed the right way. Overlooking this fact could bring you grief.


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