When To Consider Sewer Inspection Services

When To Consider Sewer Inspection Services

On a human body, what do you think gets the most attention? Surface wounds or the ones deep inside? Obviously, the ones that are most visible i.e., surface wounds. The same can be said of drains and sewers inspection services which get done ONLY when a problem arises. And like wounds deep down which appear at the end of some serious and sustained abuse, video sewer line inspection and repairs take place in almost all cases after the damage has been done.

That being the case, and given the fall-out arising out of a badly maintained sewer line, householders ought to consider sewer inspection services under the following heads:

  1. Independent homes:

Independent homes, and more so that are old, need pipeline inspection service & in particular sewer inspection services regularly. For them, irrespective of age, these services should be taken up with clock-work precision, and never left to chance. The older ones are more prone to sewers getting clogged with dirt, tree-roots and all manner of blockage which come about with time. Where the situation so warrants, sewer inspection services ought to be done including video sewer line inspection, preferably through agencies with repute and with all the right equipment.

  1. High-rises

Buildings that are continually occupied have functional sewer lines as against the first category where sewers are known to get clogged with dirt and other material that come about due to very, very limited usage. That said, a sewer that is used continuously also runs the risk of getting clogged both due to the normal material that goes in them or stuff that people inadvertently dispose in them. Kitchen waste (oils, lard, butter etc) or things like human sanitary items including nappies and pads which don’t dispose or chemically break-down can clog sewers resulting in overflowing. For these reasons, high-rises need sewer inspection services at regular intervals that besides inspecting also takes care of de-clogging and maintenance of sewer lines.

  1. Commercial spaces other than restaurants

Commercial spaces in most cases have a fairly even foot-fall and may need regular sewer inspection and maintenance services. Where they differ from residential high-rises is that here it’s mostly offices whose sanitation needs are different. That said, drain inspection services and maintenance is still something that they need to have to avoid unpleasant situation that invariably arise when things are overlooked. A regular maintenance schedule is a must for them as well!

  1. Restaurants

The kind of effluents a restaurant and its kitchen can generate is something that CANNOT ever be overlooked without putting the entire enterprise to peril. Lard, butter, oil, veggie -wastes, you have everything that can clog the most spacious of sewer lines anywhere. And for the longest of time. Out here everything finally boils down (pun unintended!) to oily and greasy sludge in sewers and drains that if not cleaned in time and in the right way can bring untold problems upon the owner of the establishment. This is one category that ought to take sewer inspection services very, very seriously.

  1. Others

Homes can’t exist without kitchens, toilets and resultant sewers and drainage lines. Those not covered in any of the above categories still ought to take the services of drain inspection services very seriously in order to avoid putting themselves into a very tight spot.


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