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On a human body, what do you think gets the most attention? Surface wounds or the ones deep inside? Obviously, the ones that are most visible i.e., surface wounds. The same can be said of drains and sewers inspection services which get done ONLY when a problem arises. And like wounds deep down which appear […]


Captain James T Kirk’s famous opening line in the original Star Trek series of his spaceship Enterprise “going where no man has gone before” can to a large extent apply even to the interiors of a sewer pipe. For Starship Enterprise, space wasn’t a consideration. For the poor soul tasked with stuffing himself/ herself into […]

The best drain cleaning services anywhere in the world (of course including NJ!) would sometime in your life ask you to get a video inspection done of your sewer-line. When you get an approximation of the likely costs, the first obvious question that would come to your mind would be “Do I really need a […]

Trouble lies where one can’t see things. The worst of accidents happen in the dead of night. The worst of health problems arise in the most inaccessible areas of the body like the brain, the heart or deep inside the bones. Something similar is the case with drains. We can’t see inside of them on […]

There are places in this world where you either cannot go and should not go. Some such places are the inside of water and sewer lines running below most cities and urban areas. Sewer-line inspection in particular can sometimes be a harrowing task given that they in most cases carry very noxious and corrosive of […]