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Hard water can cause unseen damage to your home. Scale from hard water shortens the life of water-using appliances, increases energy usage, clogs pipes and reduces flow rate in showerheads and faucets. The EasyWater No-Salt Conditioner uses electronic scale control technology to reduce hard water build-up in your home. Your water can have a more natural feel, and water-using appliances perform as expected — without adding salt or chemicals to your water.

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Protects Your Home
  • Helps protect your expensive water-using appliances and fixtures
  • Removes most scale from your home’s plumbing, improving water flow
  • Your water heater can work more efficiently and use less energy
How It Works
  • Engineered to perform without any adjustments or settings
  • No filters to change and no salt to add
  • Does not require routine maintenance or service calls
Environmentally Friendly
  • Conserves water with an efficient no-regeneration design
  • Does not add any salt or chemicals to your water
  • No harmful contaminants are added to the environment
Saves You Money
  • Operates without the additional cost of salt or chemicals
  • No mechanical parts means no expensive maintenance or service calls
  • Appliances perform better and last longer with reduced scale
Innovation & Quality
  • Compact design requires no floor space or drain
  • Standard three-year full replacement warranty
  • Dependable technology designed for your home
Saves You Money
  • No added salt or chemicals means better drinking water for your family
  • Never lift another heavy bag of salt again

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