How It Works

How It Works

how it work


Untreated Water in Your Home

Without treatment, minerals in your water can easily form scale deposits in piping, water heaters and other appliances. Scale build-up significantly decreases the efficiency and life of these appliances.


No-Salt Conditioner Installed

The EasyWater No-Salt Conditioner and treatment coil are configured for your application and installed on your incoming water line. Electronic scale-control frequencies pass through the wall of the pipe and condition all of the water entering your home.


Scale Prevented and Removed

Minerals that typically form scale are disrupted by targeted electronic frequen-cies, and physically changed into a state that resists adhering to surfaces and forming hard water scale. Over time, existing scale is removed from areas where the treated water flows.


Model Maximum
Water Hardness
Pipe Size
EW 1100 20 gpg 1" 7" x 10" x 3⅛" 120V
EW 2200 100 gpg 1¼" 10¼" × 10" × 2¾" 120V
EW 3500 100 gpg 2" 12" x 11⅜" x 7" 120V

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