Water Saving Tips

Water is a Precious Resource! Conserve Water and You Are Helping Your Community and Your Wallet


Use load size selector on washing machine to use only the amount of water your laundry load requires. Replace inefficient, older washing machines with higher efficiency units. Presoak heavy stains to avoid the amount of water needed.

Water Savings: 2-8 Gallons Per Load of Laundry

Car Wash

Wet your car down quickly with the hose, then turn hose off. Use a bucket of soapy water to wash wet car. Remember - used water is fine for washing wheels, rims, tires, and bumpers. Rinse washed car quickly with hose.

Water Savings: Up to 50 gallons!


Rinse a toothbrush quickly and turn off sink while brushing. Use a glass of water to rinse your mouth and toothbrush.

sewer problem

Water Savings: 2 Gallons Per Person Per Day!

When washing or shaving, fill a sink with water rather than running a faucet. Try installing a faucet aerator.

Water Savings: 2-4 Gallons Per Day

Install a water saving shower head, and keep shower times short and at low pressure.

Water Savings: 5-10 Gallons Per Shower

Water-sewer-service-tips Plug your drains before you run water in the sink or in a tub. Only fill bath tub halfway. Reuse bath water for outdoor cleaning tasks.

Water Savings: 10-20 Gallons Per Bath


Only flush toilet when necessary. Install a water saving toilet with low volume water consumption.

Water Savings: 1-3 Gallons per flush, Up to 15 Gallons Per Person Per Day

Water Savings: 2 Gallons Per Person Per Day!

Lawn & Garden

Select plants that don't need much watering. Water lawns, plants and flowers during times when the wind is light, temperatures are cool and maximum shade exists. Allow grass to grow taller - this helps keep it shaded, cool, and moist. Use mulch to retain moisture around plants and trees.

Water Savings: Up to 50 Gallons Per Week!


Fill a sink of soapy water rather than using a running faucet. Scrape and wipe food into garbage or compost bucket before washing. Soak dishes before washing.

Water Savings: Up to 20 Gallons Per Day!


Fill a bucket of soapy water and use a sponge map. Do not keep a hose running or use a string mop - this will consume more water and require more water to clean.

Water Savings: 5 Gallons Per Cleaning


Check each faucet, spigot, and valve. Replace all old, cracked or leaking washers - don't forget to check water supplies outside including hoses and sprinkler systems. A single, slow drip can waste as much as 170 gallons of water EACH DAY, or 5000 gallons per month. A simple 20¢ washer can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year on your water bill .