A-General & The Art Of Hydro Jetting Sewer Blockages!

A-General & The Art Of Hydro Jetting Sewer Blockages!

It’s worse that getting caught with your pants down! You are caught in the act. And worse, you raise a stink in most cases! Sewer blockages and back-flushing!

Call it embarrassment at its worst or call it a nightmare, a blocked sewer line does the following:

  • Build-up and sewer-back-flushing. And oh yes, the stink!

  • If not handled on time, likelihood of the spread of diseases

  • Muck and scum stuck to the walls of sewer-lines result in clogging and narrowing of passage for water to flow

  • If such much and scum is not removed frequently, it eats into the sewer pipe and shortens it life besides opening the gateway to flooding the area with untreated waste

The ONLY long-term answer to sewer blockages and back-flushing remain sewer drain jetting services. They are almost are the prefect silver-bullet which puts an end to this werewolf of a problem. Most could be tempted to ask: “What do hydro jetting services like A- General do in the name of sewer drain jetting”? Well, they do a lot! And it involves the following:

  1. A mobile machine with two sections, one of which is the tank carrying water, and the other is a diesel-generator-attached pump which blasts water at incredibly high pressure (between 150-300 bar and 12-400 lpm)

  2. A winch to wind down the high-pressure pipe when not in use

  3. A specially-designed nozzle at the end of the water pipe which both creates (part of) the thrust, as also remains intact despite the incredibly high pressure it is subjected to.

As for the advantage of using sewer drain jetting services, there are quite a few, like:

  1. Environment-friendly: Hydro jetting services typically use ONLY water. In very, very rare cases are chemicals added. The pressure at which water leaves the nozzle is good enough to pulverize anything in the vicinity!

  2. Cost-effective: With no chemicals or high-tech stuff being used, it’s the water equivalent of a laser beam used to clear obstructions which in most cases are overgrown tree roots, fallen cement sections, grease and grime etc. With the attachment of a camera to the whole equipment, the act of using sewer drain jetting services is like going under the scalpel of a heart-surgeon! Pinpointed action with the least damage and best effects!

If your dreams too seem to stink of back-flush effluents, it could just be time to call A-General & the heroes of hydro jetting sewer drain cleaning! Don’t wait! Call NOW!


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