Protect Your Sewer Pipes: 4 Typical Pipe Erosion Controls

Protect Your Sewer Pipes: 4 Typical Pipe Erosion Controls


While sewers are the unsung heroes of our times that silently carry away all the offensive stuff humans release. From bodily matter to washing machine water to others, it finally lands up in the sewer pipes to carry it forward to its logical destination. But what about these pipes when erosion threatens them? Read about ways to defend 4 common pipe erosions.


Being humans means we keep passing out wastes and run-offs that if not treated the right way, including facing difficulty in their being evacuated to the right facility, can bring calamity to our doorsteps. Thus, maintaining a smoothly flowing sewer system at all times is crucial for any property and its owner’s health and reputation. That said, there is always the threat of pipe erosion related leaks that lurks in dark depths, ready to disrupt the peace. Let’s explore six forms of sewer pipe erosions and effective prevention strategies to keep your plumbing intact. And in that, plumbing companies in New Jersey, could have more than a role to play.

1. Corrosion Catastrophes:

Pipes, be they ancient ones made of cast-iron to the latest in plastics, if there is one thing that affects both, it is corrosion. Be it rusting or coming in contact with harsh toilet and kitchen-cleaning chemicals, both these eat away the basic material of the pipes leading to leaks and breakages. There are several ways to tackle this issue, including lining the inner walls of ancient sewage pipes with epoxy! Yes, it forms a coating, a layer that remains impervious to most chemicals and such things. The other thing is to use newer pipes of high-grade corrosion-resistant materials including PVC or stainless steel. Irrespective of what you use, the best form of protection comes from getting the sewer-line inspected by professional plumbing services in New Jersey who may spot the problem early on and come up with cost-effective solutions.

2. Soil Shift Showdown:

Soil or earth in most parts of the world are in a constant state of movement. That said, it gets exacerbated if a pipe isn’t ground well either in concrete or beaten earth. This could lead to misalignment and eventual breaking and leaking. What it may call for in the first instance when the house is coming up is soil compacting and application of things like concrete. Better still, get plumbing companies in New Jersey to do the job while you go about your life.

3. Tree Trouble:

Tree roots reach places that no man has gone before! The line from the famous serial Star Trek isn’t exactly out of place. Tree roots are notorious for infiltrating sewer pipes, causing blockages and erosion where no human can ever even think of having a presence. While it makes sense to get the sewer line jetted once in a while using the services of plumbing services in New Jersey, it also makes sense to avoid root intrusion, keep trees away from sewer lines. It could include cutting off seriously offensive roots besides investing in root barriers besides scheduling routine inspections to nip the root of the problems right when it’s still a bud!

4. Aging Agony:

Like old folks, sewer pipes too tend to fall apart due to age-related deterioration. And like oldies, what does the trick is to be proactive and detect the problem right when it rears its head. Like getting your commercial plumbing services in New Jersey, have a look and suggest the right solution. The next thing to be done is to proactively consider pipe replacement or relining it to extend its life.

In the bustling state of New Jersey, where commercial properties abound, safeguarding sewer systems is paramount. Plumbing companies in New Jersey offer a range of services to address sewer pipe erosion and keep things running smoothly. From routine inspections to emergency sewer repair in NJ, proactive measures can save property owners from costly disruptions.


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