A Leak In Your Water Pipe Could Lead To A Disaster!

A Leak In Your Water Pipe Could Lead To A Disaster!

Drip, drip goes the tap may seem cute and tuneful but imagine it happening all the time. Besides giving you a headache triggered by the sound, it can cause many problems you wouldn’t want to know. So say the best emergency plumbing services of Ocean County.

Established plumbing repair service in Ocean county blame dripping taps to the following reasons:

* Our buildings shift all the time! And we don’t even realize it! And over time the shift can go against the pipes causing them to rupture. Pipes do bend but when it crosses a threshold limit, a crack or leak can be expected.

* Excessive water speeds: Pipes are designed to handle water and liquids at a particular speed only. Anything above that and continuous, may lead to excessive wearing of the pipe walls which ultimately causes them to develop leaks.

* Vegetation growing around: Small leaks from any pipe invariably leads to plants growing around the spots which look for water for sustenance. Once plants develop, it’s just a question of time before they grow to a size which either twists a pipe or enters the pipe itself to cause ruptures

* Rusting of pipes: Pipes, especially in old homes rust quite often and if not replaced on time, may rust right through in which case, it may be advisable to call your friendly 24 hour emergency plumbing service Ocean county neighborhood

* Accumulation of salts: Hard-water can cause pipes to have a layer of salts which only increases with time. With the pathway decreasing in size, it’s only a question of time before the speeding water causes a tear in the pipe.

* Large temperature difference: Ice has a volume larger than water due to which water freezing needs more area. Trying to confine freezing water to a pipe could cause the latter to leak.

The solution to all the above is to firstly get yourself the best 24 hour emergency plumbing service in Ocean county who may advice you the following:

1. Change the pipes entirely if it is not in a position to be repaired.

2. Where possible, try and remove broken bends and section which can be cut and corrected

3. Where possible, try using epoxy adhesives to seal the leaks

4. To the extent possible, try using plastic pipes of high-quality virgin plastics which have metal sleeves in areas where it has to take stresses.

Whatever you do, call your plumbing and drain service in Ocean county at the earliest. A leak today may turn into a deluge tomorrow. A small leak may not matter much. But a deluge may cause untold harm.


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