All you want to know about Plumbing Services

All you want to know about Plumbing Services

All the residential and commercial buildings come across issues related to plumbing. Plumbers unclog the pipes, install new pipes, check the leaks in the pipes to name the few. The plumbing services to be deployed depends on the problem encountered, its severity, and the budget.

Plumbing is the installation of drains, pipes, valves, fixtures and fitting for proper disposal of waste and makes available usable water. The word plumbing is derived from the latin word plumbum i.e. lead as pipes made of lead were used during the Roman Empire.

Types of Plumbing Services

A. Residential Plumbing Repair Service
It includes replacing the pipes that have
 cracked
 burst due to aging
 burst by natural disaster
 drain blockage
 defective sewer line
 low pressure of water in the faucet
It also includes repairs of
 plumbing system
 interior water supply system
 exterior plumbing
 gas plumbing
 sewage and vent system

1. Interior Water Supply System
The interior water supply system refers to supply of water to the households- to the tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets. The interior water supply system receives its water supply from wells or municipal water supply or at times both. Residences with private wells use pumps to draw water while other without private wells depend on a utility company to pump and pressurize the water. The popularly used in interior water supply system are Copper pipes, Plastic pipes that adhere to the standard code and PEX (a cross-linked polythene).

2. Exterior Residential Plumbing
The drainage system and the landscape irrigation system belong to exterior residential plumbing. The drainage system consists pipes laid underground to prevent flood and damage to the residential structure due to waste water. Gutters that serve as a gateway for rain and storm water are also part of the external drainage system.
Landscape irrigation system makes use of pipes made of plastic are used to supply water to the sprinklers.

3. Gas Plumbing
The installation of pipes for gas fuel supplies and waterworks come under gas plumbing. The commonly used gas fuels are propane and natural gas. The residential complexes, hotels, and restaurants use black iron pipes for gas plumbing.

4. Drain and Vent System
In this system, the waste water is passed through the drain lines after removing the greywater coming from the household. This process ensures safe drainage system by preventing wastewater and sewage water from entering the septic and municipal sewer systems.

B. Commercial Plumbing Services

Removal of things like garbage, food waste, clumps of hair or any other thing that blocks the drainage are included in the commercial plumbing service. At times tree roots, developed mold, and fungi restrict the smooth drainage. In such cases, the plumbers remove the debris or cut trees to remove blockages. Highly pressurized hydro jetting devices are used to eliminate the blockage. Rooter machines and snakes are used to cut the tree roots.

The jetting machines and rooters have cameras attached at their tips. The cameras provide a better view of the blockage, allows the plumber to implement the best solution without damaging the pipes.

The plumbing services ensure safe surroundings and the environment by keeping the drainage and sewers free of blockage. It is safe to hire plumbing services to eliminate the blockage or fix a fixture.


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