Avoid open burning of garbage; it is much more harmful than you can imagine

Avoid open burning of garbage; it is much more harmful than you can imagine

Some people have the habit of burning garbage in open. Open burning of garbage on roadsides, backyard or anywhere is much more harmful to your health and environment than you can ever imagine. When garbage is burned in open it releases toxic substances and cancer causing compounds.

People with sensitive respiratory system are badly affected by the smoke created by open burning of garbage. It would be advisable to keep children and elderly people away from garbage smoke. Excessive exposure to smoke can even lead to heart diseases for elderly people. Besides that it causes problems such as headaches. The smoke from burning of garbage consists of pollutants such as Arsenic, Lead, Sulphur Oxides, Nitrogen Oxides etc. these pollutants are hazardous for human health.

Use safe garbage disposal techniques and avoid open burning of garbage as it releases pollutants like Dioxins and Furans. Excessive exposure of humans to such pollutants is linked with diseases such as certain types of cancer, problems for nervous system, liver problem etc. Recycling of garbage and disposing it in a safer way will go a long way in having good health and environment.

The animals can eat plants contaminated by Dioxins and Furans. These contaminants would stay in the food chain and enter our body when we eat meat and other products.

Installing a compost bin will go a long way in recycling the garbage. Compost bin is an outdoor container in which organic waste is deposited in order to produce compost. Local waste management authorities can also help you in properly disposing garbage.

Festive season is on the horizon, if you require any assistance regarding garbage disposal or want to know more about garbage disposal techniques, then immediately contact A-General. If you see anyone in your neighbourhood burning garbage in open refer him to the above mentioned consequences.


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