Calling a plumber for Repairs?

Calling a plumber for Repairs?

Leaks, irrespective of its location, bring stress, strain, and unhappiness in an organization.   Experienced plumbers in the neighborhood identify the cause and fix it with the help of modern gadgets and tools. You can help the plumbers from commercial plumbing companies to address the problem with greater efficiency by sharing your concerns, making few observations and notes.


1.    Area – observe the leaking areas and list them if there are more leaking areas. Place a tape for leaking pipes. You may tie a thick cloth around the pipes in case of heavy leakage. This will prevent the water from dripping till the plumber fixes it.

2.   Faucets– Faucet may be one the reasons for leaks. Check every faucet in the commercial complex. If the complex or your office is spread over a very large area, do not hesitate to take help others from the office. as taking rounds the huge and making notes of the leakages is cumbersome as well as challenging. Make detailed notes of the leakages.

3.    Outside Water Hose –  to prevent wastage of water, disconnect the outside water hose. If the house of left connected, more water will be wasted till the plumber turns up. Simply shut off the valves inside the house to prevent the water dripping in the commercial complex. When required, you can turn on the outside hose for water inlet.

4.    Kitchen Sink – Clogged kitchen in the restaurants and cafeteria also causes clogging. Clear the clogged sink also cause leakage. Kitchens clogs are caused when fibrous waste from vegetables and fruits are drained through the sink. If the leakage persists, inform the plumber accordingly.

5.    Fat Cooking Oil – Sure! it is more convenient for those working in restaurants and cafeteria to pour fat or cooking oil down the drain. However, the fats and oils block the pipes. The plumbers use drain trap to remove clogs due to fats and oils.

6.    Personal Care Products – soap scums, hair strands stuck to create a clog. During plumber’s visit, ensure to inform him how frequently the pipes clogs. The plumbers clear the debris from the pipes. Also, clear the shower sink that may be clogged with soap bits. To get the best plumbing services, make certain to make the plumber’s workplace as comfortable as possible.

7.    Post Repairs – Always follow the recommend ways to clean the leaking areas. Make sure that the repaired parts are left untouched, are not hit for days suggested by the plumber.

The aforementioned steps are simple yet effective ways that help plumbers to carry out the messy commercial plumbing repairs faster. Do remember that a plumber’s job is to identify the cause of leakage and repair it, so consider making the plumber’s workplace safe and comfortable as much as possible. When shortlisting a plumber for the visit, do the online search to know the credentials of the commercial plumbing companies, hire services of an experienced and certified plumber.


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