Check if You Need Sewer Line Repair

Check if You Need Sewer Line Repair

Have you heard the gurgling noise from the bathroom or the toilet of your house. Or there is just no water flowing into the toilet. It is a time you must check all sewer and plumbing lines completely. It is a time you should call the plumber immediately and get it inspected for the issues. If there is a big issue you will need to replace the pipelines. Check the following symptoms, if you are facing the same you need sewer line replacement.

Listen to the draining sound of your bathroom and toilets. If there is a gurgling sound, it is a time you must check the pipelines. Secondly, you might be facing a problem of no water in the toilet at all or your bath tub takes lots of time to get drained, it is a time to replace the pipes. Some other symptoms to change the pipeline is when the sewage is backing up in your toilet and tub. Or you are facing the odor in the basement or the yard. It is when the sewage might not be making it out to the city sewer line. This problem is directly related to our health and causes the health hazards.

Another bigger issue is when tree roots enter into the sewer line system. These roots will grow astonishingly deep and wide close to the nearest water supply. If there are trees in the 20-30 yards of your house, there there are higher chances of tree penetrating it the sewer line. If it happens then it will branch out and will block the flow of the pipe. Moreover, it will suck up as much water as possible. Once it clogs the pipe, it will automatically affect the entire sewer line. However, many a times the pipe is just too damaged by the tree roots. It is a time when you need to call the residential sewer line services. And check if there is a need to replace the pipes. Yet, a next threat is hard water. If you fall in the area where there is a hard water, it is likely to damage your sewer line. However, it is not a threat for any plumbing. It is likely to build up a lime scale on the pipes if the flow of hard water is prolonged. Even the lime scale can obstruct the flow of the water through the pipe until it is removed. Both the problems limescale and tree roots can damage the sewer line severely. The only possible way to get rid of it is replacing it, which can put a hole in your pocket.

These are the most common reasons for the replacement of the pipe. From tomorrow, keep a keen eye on all of this, and  if you see any of this make a note and call the plumber.


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