Clean Drains = Improved Health

Clean Drains = Improved Health

A healthy water management system is directly related to the health of the family members living in that home. Your clogged drain and sewer lines is one of the main reason why family members fall ill, despite taking necessary precautions. Clean or unclogged drain lines are important for the smooth flow of water in your plumbing system, but is equally liable for the health of the inhabitants. Due to DIY methods, homeowners try to carry out the drain cleaning procedure themselves, which most of the times is non effective, as they do it the wrong way without consulting the trained plumbers of A-General plumbing and sewer service, NJ and end up causing an another drain clog in the process.

Remember that blocked drains lead to severe contamination and spread foul smell throughout the house, making the residents of New Jersey sick and annoyed with their wastewater management system. A trained and experienced plumber from A-General, with the perfect tools and equipment to identify the clogged area, can very well clean your drain lines and save your family from potential health hazards.

Signs of clogged drains and cleaning methods

The most common symptoms of a clogged drain line in the house are slow draining water in wash basins and toilets, overflow of water near main drain and noisy or gurgling drain pipes.

Our skilled plumbers at A-General can help you resolve the issue and will first inspect your plumbing system if you are residing in any part of Atlantic, Burlington, Ocean and Monmouth County, New Jersey using modern plumbing tools and equipment like video pipeline inspection to identify the exact place where the clog exists, and use various methods like hydro jetting to remove the stubborn clogs.

Kitchen Drain Cleaning – One of the busiest areas of any home, your kitchen drain are the first plumbing area to be clogged more often than not. Keep in mind that grease and food particles tend to accumulate on the insides of the kitchen drains and solidify, if not cleaned or cleared on a regular basis. Presenting plumbing as well as health problems for you.

If such problems persist your 24/7 plumbing company in NJ is there to help you out and can clear your kitchen drain clog within few hours, and reduce germs and bacteria accumulating in one of the most important area of your house.

Bathroom Drain Cleaning – Homeowners in New Jersey and surrounding counties are always plagued by particles like toilet paper, hair and soap pieces clogging their toilet drain line. As it is a difficult task finding the source of bathroom clogs, our professional plumbers of A-General are near you to help you out using modern cleaning techniques. We use high pressure water jetting services to clear off solid and accumulated contaminants from your toilet drains at your home or commercial outlet in NJ, and keep your bathroom clean and germ free.


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