Clean Storm Drains to evade flooding

Clean Storm Drains to evade flooding

Blocked storm drains can be the reason for flooding in your backyard. It is necessary to take precaution to avoid such situation and it is recommended to clean the drain regularly.

Be it your backyard or your basement or street in front of your house, the sight of it flooded by filth is not something we wish to see ever. The reason for the flood may be the overflowing storm drain. Storm drains are something we hardly notice once they are installed. And we don’t even think that they can be cause of any trouble to us. But that is not the case. Storm drains are to be cleaned on regular basis to avoid the flooding situation.

What is storm drain?

Storm drains are built to drain the excess rain and groundwater from the pavement or street or yard of the house. They are in varied sizes, right from small residential to large municipality systems. These drains are connected directly to streams or rivers, where the storm water is drained out. Mostly, there are no treatment plants for the storm water.

Why is it necessary to clean it?

The chances of storm drain getting clogged is mostly because it has not been cleaned for a long time. We forget to clean the drains as we never give them much thought. It never occurs to us that majority of the plumbing and drainage problems are because the drains are not clean. The drains can get choked due to leaves or tree branches. Many times stuff like plastic is found in the drain.

So, it is always recommended that the drains are cleaned on regular basis, as whatever is in the drain goes directly to the river or stream without treatment. And the water that we drink comes from river. Polluted water is more likely to affect our health. So, for sake of our well-being it is necessary to clean it.

Ways to keep the storm drain clean:

Throw all the garbage in trash cans. This will keep the premises clean and the garbage won’t enter the drains. If you see any litter on the road, throw it in dustbin. Collect the leaves in your yard and throw them away, not on the street, they’ll end up in the drains. After cutting the grass, make sure none of the waste in left on the street or the yard. Avoid throwing any pollutant in the storm drain and if you see anyone doing that tell them not to.

But along with this, make sure you get sewer cleaning service provider to clean the storm drain on regularly basis. The cleaning of drains from professional plumber will avoid the floods and blockages. For plumbing service in New Jersey, contact A- General. They are the oldest plumbing service provider.


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