Common Plumbing problems found in every Kitchen

Common Plumbing problems found in every Kitchen

Plumbing problems exist in every home, some are minor and some are major. Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home, the kitchen often features all the important utility outlets to supply your home with electricity, gas and a whole range of water outlets and heating equipment. Timely upkeep and maintenance of your plumbing fixtures and faucets will ensure longevity of life for your water outlets, and reduce the need of an emergency plumber to rescue you out of plumbing atrocities.

Here are some essential plumbing tips for maintaining your kitchen plumbing system and maintaining its long health.

1. Keep the drains healthy

One of the main reasons so many people hire A-General plumbers, NJ is generally to resolve the problem of a clogged or blocked drain the general plumbing issues. To ensure a smooth flow of water in your drains, make sure that no household waste is flushed down the toilet, as well as the kitchen sink. Pouring cooking waste or oil, fat down the sink is a sure shot way to block your drainage pipes up. So, act a little wise and tell your children and other people in the house, not to throw oils, fats and other cooking waste is the drain line and dispose of properly.

To remove the clogs in your drains, using an off-the-shelf drain unblocker can prove very useful for those extra difficult blockages, but with a little white vinegar and soda mix can help you create a natural home cleaner to unblock your kitchen pipes as good as any commercial product.

For this task, pour the mixture down the sink and leave it for ten minutes. Follow up with boiling water and you can save yourself lots of money on commercial chemical products.

2. Taps, pipes and fittings should be in proper working order

The kitchen tap is one of the most frequently used fittings in your entire house, keeping it in great working order will help you save money over time. As it gets the most use, so obviously it will need a little more attention when it comes to maintaining those taps.

Remember that dripping taps are one of the main reasons why you have to pay high water bills. Ensuring that your tap doesn’t start dripping and wasting water also aids in water conservation. Many leaking taps can be fixed at home by you, if you have the expertise to do so, or have done it before. But if you can’t, don’t waste time, call up A-General plumbers, the best residential plumbing service company NJ, to repair or replace your kitchen faucets and fixtures.

3. Garbage Disposal maintenance

There are things that should enter your garbage disposal system, and then are things that shouldn’t. Ensuring that your garbage disposer is in proper condition, will keep your kitchen sink from blocking time and again. It is always considered wise to regularly clean your garbage disposal unit, not only to keep out bad odors, but allow it to function efficiently, without harming the drain lines over time.

Home remedies such as crushing ice and lemon rinds in the disposer for about 30 seconds is a great way to clean and cleanse the garbage disposal system.

If you have tried and tested all the DIY methods and are still sitting on a pile of plumbing problems at your home in the State of New Jersey, it’s high time you call up A-General residential plumbing service company. Our skilled plumbers are experts in removing and unclogging any size drain and sewer line, as well as fix the leaking pipes, hose bibs & valves, pool heaters and fixing the gas pipeline as well.


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