Commonly noticed Kitchen Plumbing issues

Commonly noticed Kitchen Plumbing issues

One of the most frequently clogged areas in a house is kitchen sink. It is this area that triggers a call for residential plumbing services because it is the highly used area in any house. The kitchen sink will continue to be trouble making area unless high-quality maintenance measures are implemented. The kitchen plumbing issue is may be due to malfunctioning of garbage disposable unit, leaky drain basket, clogged drains and leaky faucets. To avoid constant frustration due to clogged sink, it is better to hire services of a licensed plumber to fix plumbing issues.

  The frequently observed plumbing issues with the kitchen sink area

·    Leaky or clogged kitchen faucet
If you observe a clogged or a leaky kitchen faucet in the kitchen, check the aerator. Aerator ejects water from the faucet. Also, unscrew the aerator for checking the residues present in it. The presence of residues indicates the blockage in the faucet. Remove the aerator from the faucet and run water through it. Running water through the faucet at times clear the blockage. Still, if the faucet continues to drip, it is best to hire the kitchen sink plumbing repair services from a reliable plumbing service provider.

·    Clogged drains
The clogged drain is the most common issue observed with the kitchen sink. It is especially true when a garbage disposable unit is attached to the sink. When the garbage disposable unit is not operating at its optimum best, the disposed edibles like leftover food, fats, oils, vegetable and fruit peels stuck in the pipe beneath the sink and accumulate over the period of time. Sometimes, use of chemicals for residential drain cleaning is available in the store clears the clog. However, use of a chemical is a temporary remedy. A thorough examination of the kitchen sink pipe and the drain by a licensed plumber helps as the overuse to chemicals damages the PVC drain pipes. The plumber while examining the pipes is able to detect the obstruction in the pipe or in the drain and fixes it.

·    Malfunctioning of garbage disposal units
The malfunctioning of the garbage disposal unit results in clogged drains and pipes. Best is to push the reset button attached to the disposal system. If the clogging persists, it is necessary to call a plumber to check the functioning of the garbage disposal unit or get the garbage disposal unit replaced. Good quality garbage disposal units are available with online stores at reasonable rates. The licensed plumbers are trained and equipped to remove the malfunctioning unit and install a new garbage disposal unit beneath the sink.
Search online to get more information about organizations that offer residential plumbing services and licensed plumbers. It would be wise if you compare the service rates of the different plumbing organizations before hiring a service.


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