As we notice that water is not going down the drain, or if going, it is very slow, we get to know that it is a problem of a clogged drain. And we get – ugh, on the thought of sliminess, wetness and the worst is that bad odor. Clogged drains can be anywhere like the kitchen sink, bathroom, toilet or in the basement too in your residence. But residential problems occur on a small basis where you can troubleshoot those problems on your levels.

But can you imagine if these problems occur on a higher level like in schools, colleges, hotels, restaurants, health clubs, clothes washing operation? In short, an industrial area. What mess would it be?

In industrial places where drains get clogged, generally mop water is the culprit. This water carries a huge number of contaminants in it. When the mopping of the floor has been done on daily basis, solids or sludge can be accumulated over the period, which apparently flows down the drain and then the drains get clogged.

Periodic maintenance is a must on a very regular basis is for commercial and industrial places.

Commercial drain cleaning

There are many commercial places where the owner prefers to have regular maintenance for drain cleaning.

Drain cleaning in restaurant kitchens – These kitchens suffer from different draining challenges. Along with the common reasons of blockages like tree routes and dirt, these kitchens face the problems of oil, grease, fat-like compounds for the drainage problem.

Drain cleaning in hotels – the drainage system in the hotels have a very high volume of the activities. As the usage of the drainage system in the hotels is very high, the issues regarding blockages of drains get increased. It creates the possibility of flooding or slow running of water. And that is why regular check-up of the drainage system is required before flooding problem arises.

Drain cleaning in school, colleges, universities – Students visit the bathrooms very frequently and create challenges about maintaining the drainage. Cafeterias of these places also face the same problems. Students toilets overflow because of over flushing, foreign objects.

Industrial drain cleaning –

Dain cleaning in clothes washing operation In the area of coin-operated laundry, dry cleaners, these types of laundries have not only a very high volume of liquid but also water containing chemicals, soap, any random solids like hair and all. These things can cause a very high possibility of clogging the drains.

Drain cleaning in the hospitals – The health care centers and the hospitals require professional’s help for maintaining the drainage system from clogging. Drain cleaning in the hospitals makes sure that there is a no breeding ground for germs, stagnant water and contamination of water or at least it has been minimized.

Drain cleaning in recreation centers – In fitness centers, health clubs, day use recreation centers need proper functioning of sinks and drains. The bathrooms, showers, outdoor faucets, locker rooms are the places where dirt, sand, map water, hair, soap, food create the perfect conditions for drains to clog.

  • Being the commercial and industrial drain cleaning we cannot use the chemicals drain cleaners as it is not safe to use in schools, restaurants.
  • Regular maintenance with the help of professional drain cleaning companies would be cost-effective, as last-minute work will be very expensive.
  • Besides that, professional drain cleaners provide 24 hours emergency plumbing service when it is required.

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