Five Plumbing Myths That We All Believe

Five Plumbing Myths That We All Believe

There are many things that we follow blindly, but we rarely know that it is a myth that we are following. When it comes to plumbing the case is even more critical. If anything goes wrong, you will end up facing a lot of damage to your plumbing system and calling a residential plumbing services will be the last option. You will spend a lot of money for the repairs. Following are some common myths about plumbing.

1. Citrus fruits helps a garbage disposal smell good – You will end up spoiling your garbage disposal just to make it smell good. It is true that citrus fruits helps garbage disposal smell good, but it damages your disposal system. This disposal completely grinds up citrus fruits  like grape fruits, oranges and limes , that doesn’t mean that they are good for the functioning of the garbage disposal system. Acids are part of this fruits which are not good for the disposal unit. It will actually end up rusting the drains as well as corroding the entire garbage disposal unit. Rather using vinegar or hot water are some suitable solutions to get the better smell  from garbage disposal system.

2. Cleaning toilet with tank tablet is good – Bleach that in the tablets used for toilet cleaning is harmful. You may get a clean smelling toilet each time you flush. However, after a few months you may have to replace the toilet as the bleach has corroded the tank. Although it may be problematic, it is best to clean your toilet manually every week instead of using ink-tank cleaners.

3. Flushing the wipes – Many commercial drain and sewer cleaning services says that cases of backed up toilets are on rise. The main reason is flushing the wipes in the toilet. These wipes are not something that can biodegrades unlike toilet paper, so the wipes will eventually pile up and cause a clog in the line. Anything can be flushed down a toilet, but that doesn’t mean that it will completely go away once it is flushed.

4. Leaky faucets are negligible – When you are receiving higher water bills, you are likely to have water leakages which is a big concern. Even a leaky faucet that is letting out only a few drops per minute can still end up costing you good money over time. Pipes and faucets that are leaking need to be taken care of right away, even if replacing the faucet completely  or getting the pipes fixed.

5. Running the water in garbage disposal after putting food into it.It is not a correct method to run the water in the disposal unit. Rather put the water before you put food into it. This way the food will be disposed easily without hurdles and won’t harm machine.


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