How to clear a clogged drain of a kitchen sink?

How to clear a clogged drain of a kitchen sink?

You all have faced this problem, you have been there and many times abused your kitchen sink, giving its hole a treatment with grease and other practical methods of unclogging those pipes. But whatever you do, a clogged kitchen sink is practically inevitable.

Following these tips in order will prove to be the most effective way to unclog the drain.

Try the easy method first

This generally means grabbing the plunger in the cupboard under the sink and get plunging. Having the right sized cup is actually quite important, but do not worry if you don’t have it, one can still make an impact and clean the junk clogging the pipe. But before you start the process make sure there is enough water filled in the sink for the cup to get fully submerged. If this technique doesn’t work then in all likelihood the clogged kitchen sink needs a more aggressive method, and the advice would be to contact your nearest plumbing and sewer service firm. Always go for a service that is located near your vicinity. If you are facing the drain and sewer problems in New Jersey, then contact a local county service. For sewer services in New Jersey, one should never contact a service provider in Manhattan or Philadelphia. Always call up to the nearest residential and commercial plumbing services.

Think and act Innovative

If you have tried the above process and still find it difficult to get rid of that clogged drain line of the kitchen sink, the advice would be to try some good old methods of cleaning. Run hot water to heat pipes, drop down baking soda and leave for a few minutes, pour down some vinegar, leave for 10 minutes then rinse it away with plenty of hot or boiling water. This combination is very handy and when executed properly and can clear some fairly tough sink blockage.

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