How to handle the residential sewer pipe clog?

How to handle the residential sewer pipe clog?

When you have our bathtub, kitchen sink, toilets pipes clogged, you face the problem. But the problem is not as serious as when you have a clogging in your residential sewer line. Because the clogging in the sewer line creates blockages in all plumbing fixtures in your house. And if it gets worse, the sewage gets back in your house by some of the drains. Cleaning a sewer line is not your job every time, and you may need the professional help to do that. The cleaning process needs the expert staff and correct equipment.

Do you have any idea, why sewer line clogs?

Sewer lines are not small in diameter. They have at least 6 inches or more of a diameter. Just the buildup cannot the reason for clogging the sewer lines. It could not be something, loose debris or paper which could clog the sewer line. Generally clogging of sewer lines are the effect of the incursion of tree roots in these sewer pipes. The roots of the trees are generally attracted to the moisture and warmth of the sewer lines, and through tiny cracks or loose joints, feelers are sent. Once they enter inside, the ready-made nutrients feed them. Once the debris is collected, it starts blocking the flow of water in these sewer pipes.

How to Diagnose that the sewer line has clogged?

If you notice that, even after trying hard to clear the drains, they will run slow. You may hear the gurgling sounds when you flush in the toilet or from your wastewater pipes. After you are confirmed that there is no other reason for the sluggish draining, you can always have a visual inspection of the sewer pipes with the help of video camera. Such inspections are done by sewer cleaning professionals will reveal the cause of clogging besides tree roots, if any. You can always find out, whether there are any other cracks or breakages in the sewer pipe, which need the repairing work.

What could be the cleaning methods for clogged sewer line?

  • The mechanical method –

The professionals have the variety of methods to clear the clogged sewer. One of the tools is an auger, which works like toilet auger or sinks auger, but this is much power-assisted and long. It is generally mounted on a truck and is fed into the sewer in sections.

The other useful tool is a high-pressure water jet which is literally capable to blow the roots and obstructions down the sewer line.

Please make a note, in both, cleaning devices can harm or damage the sewer pipes if they are misused.

  • The chemical method –

You can clear the smaller drain lines with the help of caustic chemical but certainly not the sewer lines. The only intend to use this to kill the tree routes. Some of the plumbers may suggest you flush copper sulfate down from the toilets. But these are not safe ways for septic systems. The other option is the root killing foam, which can be flushed which contains the contains metam-sodium and dichlobenil. It kills the roots in a couple of days but takes weeks to clear it away from the sewer pipe.

So, it is anytime better to contact the professionals when you have work to do with your sewer line.


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