How to Save On a Bathroom Remodel

How to Save On a Bathroom Remodel

One’s favorite areas of the home may surprisingly be the least expensive! Take for instance the living room, called variously as a sitting room or drawing room. It’s seating, curtains, carpets and knick-knacks most people spend just once or twice in a lifetime. Some spend often but not more than 4 to 5 times in a lifetime.

And your bathrooms and kitchens? They certainly do not constitute one’s FAVOURITE areas BUT expenses here can cost a bomb. And if one does not incur expenses, unlike the drawing room, can mean an accident or unnecessary increased expenses, sometimes of huge quantum.

Plumbing agencies in the developed world, taking a leaf from software companies have come up with an ingenious way of giving very critical service at competitive prices. Called variously as specials on plumbing, plumbing discounts and plumbing specials, what they entail is a fixed predefined expenditure against set jobs. Almost like paying for a burger at any takeaway joint, here too a fixed sum is paid for a fixed activity. Period!

On how it helps save on a bathroom remodel, well, in the following ways:

The entire activity can be broken down into individual parts to be paid in the form of coupons

Bathroom remodeling is a tedious task which consists of services and parts. Using specials on plumbing, plumbing discounts and plumbing specials, the entire exercise can be divided into parts, cost accordingly and completed within defined time. Certainty of service and costs remain the model’s hall-mark.

One is sure of what one gets. Nothing more and nothing less

Specials on plumbing, plumbing discounts and plumbing specials are meant to give certain services at a certain price which keeps costs and commitments within check. Both, the user and the service giver are guaranteed of their dues. One pays a rounded cost inclusive of taxes and cess, saving that much of a bother.

Service is clearly defined with its own warranties, guarantees and after-sale services

This can best be defined with an example. The activity of fixing a water heater or a water softener may call for replacing an existing unit with a new one in which case what does the house-owner do with the old unit?? Specials on plumbing, plumbing discounts and plumbing specials build this into their coupons by giving the additional service of taking care of the left-overs i.e., old units, broken masonry, pipes, fixtures and the likes. What the homeowner gets is complete peace of mind!

Couponising plumbing activity has had a very positive effect for both users and service givers by clearly defining the scope of work and costs. We hope the service extends to all activities in plumbing in times to come.


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