Improper garbage disposal and its consequences for animals and marine life

Improper garbage disposal and its consequences for animals and marine life

Every day we throw garbage and junk away anyhow on roadsides and various other places. Just imagine for a minute what will such improper garbage disposal do to the lives of animals? it will lead to disaster for them.

Improper garbage disposal does not just affect humans but it also affects animals and marine life. If you are making use of garbage recycling techniques, then you are on right track and you have taken a positive step towards helping the environment. Millions of ton of trash is created every year in the United States and only 25% of the waste is recycled, rest ends in dumping ground, roadsides etc.

Improper garbage disposal poses a serious threat to nature with problems such as soil contamination and air pollution. Hazardous chemicals contaminate plant roots in soil. It would be advisable to avoid improper garbage disposal for health and other reasons. Excessive exposure and contact with garbage, sewage contaminated water can endanger the lives of animals. Garbage and other waste products can contaminate the sea water, affecting marine life i.e. reducing the number of fish in the sea. Garbage consumption by marine animals leads to deaths of millions every year.

If you eat fish, then you need to be even more careful about garbage disposal and marine life. Eating fish which has been in contact with garbage and sewage contaminated water poses a threat to human health. Improper garbage disposal can also lead to respiratory problems because contaminants are absorbed from lungs into other body parts. Proper recycling of garbage is very important for hygienic living not just for humans but also for animals.

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