Is your shower leaking? Find out why

Is your shower leaking? Find out why

A pleasant shower and relaxation which it gives is a moment of bliss. Shower system also adds to the visual appeal of your bathroom. Wide range of shower systems give us an exotic experience of taking shower; but what if your shower is leaking? Shower leakage could be difficult to understand and you might not be aware of it if water is draining under the house or in an area of your house which is not used often. Wrong methods of plumbing, bad quality of grouting between the floor and wall ties, tap penetrations, faulty seals are the most common reasons for shower leakage.

Waterproofing Failure
Waterproofing failure generally leads to water leaking out of your shower. Most showers today have waterproofing installed. Waterproofing can fail because of various reasons such as incorrect product selection, construction defects etc. Once the waterproofing failure occurs, the water from shower leaks into floor creating damp areas. These damp areas create unhygienic atmosphere with unpleasant odor.

The separation (gap) between wall and floor is another reason for water leakage from shower. The showers built into a wall generally leak because of gap developing between the wall and floor of the shower recess. If you want to prevent shower leakage, then it is very important to prevent water from penetrating the gaps and joints in the shower recess. If you have issues with your shower, then take assistance from certified shower repair service providers. In order to prevent water from penetrating the gaps and joints shower recess, you can make use of shower plugging products available in the market.

Where to contact for shower repair?
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