Maintain Water Heater for Its Longevity

Maintain Water Heater for Its Longevity

The average life expectancy of the household water heater is about eight to twelve years. To get the most out of water heater, there are some maintenance tips to follow that would increase the efficiency of the water heater. Proper water heater installation is one of its parts, but it is not the only thing to use the heater at optimum level.

The first thing that you need to do is set the temperature. Mostly, the default temperature setting on a water heater is 1470 degrees Fahrenheit, many experts says that it is unnecessary. Many household water heaters can easily get the hot water by setting it at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It will increase the efficiency of the water heater as well as help you save a bit on the bills. It also prevents scalding incidences, that are common to occur at higher temperature setting.

Cover the water heater. It can dramatically improve the efficiency of the unit. If the water heater is not properly insulated, contact commercial water heater repair services right away. It will save you money in the long run. Next tip would be to check the anode rod. It is a large metal pipe that maintains the cleanliness of the unit. Generally, it is located in the top of the water heater. This anode rod should be checked annually to see if it needs to be replaced or exchanged. Another complicated procedure to maintain the heater is to flush the system. This can definitely increase the lifespan of the heater, but make sure you call professional to flush it. Flushing it cleans out built-up sediments that decrease the efficiency of the unit.

Many people are not aware of the life expectancy of their home water heaters. If your water heater is more than eight years or so. It is a time to change the unit. Moreover, if it is more than twelve years old, it is high time and needs to be changed right away. Not just for saving energy but also for the sake of your health and safety.

When you would successfully follow these tips, you can make sure that your water heater is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, You would be ensured that the water you are using for drinking and cleaning is clean and safe.


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