Ocean County’s best drain cleaning and plumbing services!

Ocean County’s best drain cleaning and plumbing services!

Every drop of water you save comes back to you when you need it most! Agreed drains too are needed but what can be saved in the pipe,  shouldn’t be allowed to be sent down the drain!

Helping you keep your taps and drains in great shape are the NY county’s best plumbing and drain-cleaning services. Today we tell you of some of the ways by which you can do things yourself and call up Ocean County NY’s best plumbing services only in times of emergency!

1. Install only 90-degree turn taps instead of old 360 degree turning ones: Older taps with 360 degree turning spindles had two great disadvantage. They needed rubber washers every now and then despite which they would leak out water! And with time the spindle body itself would wear out and work in fits and starts. In comparison, the new (actually the old in a new avatar) 90 degree turning taps have very few moving parts and last much, much longer. Taps of good quality also have ceramic washers due to which they never leak for a long, long time!

2. Try installing taps and fixtures of good quality: Plumbing and drain services in Ocean County, NJ advise their clients to go for the best fitting that money can buy. And that’s because the right expenditure at the right time is much better than a wrong sum at the right time. Bad fixtures which initially make monetary sense does not make any sense in the end.

3. Use a water-softener where need be: Plumbing repair services in Ocean County know from experience that water in most cases which comes straight from the earth (as against being routed thru a water treatment plant) does have more than its share of salts which with time corrodes most things like pipes, taps and even water heaters and washing machines. With time, they start to eat through the metal thus shortening their life. It then makes sense to invest in a water-softener solution which in most cases can be fitted directly to the main waterlline coming into the house!

4. Never throw plastic waste or hair into drains: Drain clogging in bathrooms in most cases is due to sheer carelessness. Pieces of wrapping plastic, hair etc easily find their way into the drain. And if thrown consistently, can be the cause of a blocked drain. It would make sense to simply take such things and put them into the waste-paper basket from where they normally find their way into community waste disposal systems.

5. Drain boilers once in a while: Though not strictly under the purview of plumbing and drain cleaning, draining boilers every once in a while, increases their life.

6. Check float-valves in flush tanks: Flush tanks are notorious things when it comes to water wasting! Floats, if they leak should be changed immediately. The other thing is that, to the extent possible, newer technology should be adopted which are easy on water as also on maintenance.

7. Try closing the flush half-way thru the use to save water: Most toilet flushes have the facility of closing the flow manually instead of waiting till the tank empties entirely. A lot of water gets wasted every time the flush is used fully. If there is a provision to close the flow manually, it should be used.

8. Clean mirrors regularly: Plumbing and drain service in Ocean county know for a fact that showers are the main culprits when it’s about clouded mirrors. Water while bathing invariably bounces of on to mirrors and leave indelible salt marks which with time become difficult to remove. Sometimes entire mirrors have to be changed when they reflect very less. The best course would be rub tooth-paste on the mirror surface to get rid of the water-stain marks,

9. Never throw used cooking oil, butter or lard into the kitchen sink: A favourite of the plumbing and drain service providers in Ocean county, cooking oils, butter and lard with time form hard lumps in the drain and are the reasons drains choke-up and flow back. Better still, try and dispose them separately with your other kitchen wastes.

10. Use a plunger to create a vacuum to clean the kitchen and bath drains: Your buddies in plumbing and drain services in Ocean county would be more than glad to note that you honour their remembrances by regularly using a plunger to create vacuum and force out any obstructions that exist in drains in your baths and toilets!

11. Once in a while use large quantities of water to clean drains: Plumbing repair services in Ocean county know for a fact that the best way to use and maintain drains in any home is to have water flow through it regularly. More the water, lesser the chance of dirt and muck piling up. For this reason, every once in a while, pour a whole bucket of water (it could also be the water draining out of the washing machine or dishwash) into the drains. Anything likely to cling on would find its way into the municipal sewer pipes instead!

These steps may seem very general but where used diligently, can end up saving a lot of resources and heartaches!


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