Preventive Measures For Pipe Bursting

Preventive Measures For Pipe Bursting

A burst pipe is a brain bursting thought that homeowners has to deal with. It is not just expensive to repair, but it can also contribute to a variety of other problems inside the home. You are just left with the option of calling general plumbing services. However, in order to avoid getting caught unaware by burst pipe, it is necessary to take a few preventive measures that you should take. It just can be simple to keep your pipes safe during the cold months of winter, because burst pipe is one of the most easily avoided problems in the home.

Leave the Heat On – Agree that your heating bills are your bigger concern, but bursted pipes can cause you further more expenses. Hence, leave the heat on when you are not at home. You will try to save money by one means and you will end up losing more money for some other cause. If you turn off the heat when you are not at home, it can be dangerous for your pipes. It will result in the indoor temperature falling to dangerously low levels. On a particularly cold day, your pipes may freeze in the short amount of time that you are gone. Hence, instead of saving money, this could end up costing you in repair bills. You can protect your pies, by simply keeping the thermostat at a comfortable 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pipe Insulation – Generally, the pipes will be found in the colder parts of the house. They are vulnerable to the cold. It can be a costlier affair to have an insulation added to the pipes themselves. You can try both fiberglass and foam pipe installations can be a good way to keep your pipes warm and prevent bursting. Please avoid doing it by yourself procedure, as a faulty installation may actually create more problems that it would solve.

Let the faucet drip – Leaky faucets are always unwanted, however, they can be helpful in winter. When water is running through your pipes, it is less likely to freeze. A small drip of water can be enough without wasting water or costing homeowners extra in their water utility bills. When you turn on the few faucets around the house, it will let a slow and steady drip of water flow. This will also give you some signs if there are any premature problems. If the water stops dripping without you touching the faucet, it can be an indication of a frozen pipes.

Even after trying all this if you still end up facing the issue of pipe bursting, contact Licensed plumbers in NJ and nearby areas. This will definitely solve your issue and reduce your headache.


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