A-General Guide: Remedies to Your Pipe Erosion

A-General Guide: Remedies to Your Pipe Erosion

Contrary to popular belief copper water piping does not last forever. In its original design copper pipes were projected to last for 20-25 years, but failure can often occur in as little as two years due to unwanted plumbing hazards.

Copper is the most widely used plumbing material because of its ease of use, resistance to corrosion, and resistance unwanted liquids and gases, which may be sources of corrosion and contamination.

The history of copper pipes v can be dated back to over 50 years. Since 1963, over six million miles of copper plumbing tube has been installed in about 80 percent of all U.S. residential and commercial establishments.

Here is a catch 22 situation and that is whatever precautions you take, at some point in life you will be faced with the problem of a clogged drain. First the drain slows down and then the water starts flowing out, pushing it back into your bathroom and sinks. A clogged drain can get onto your nerves but how you handle it may wreak havoc on your pipes. When considering a solution for a clogged drain line or a sewer line you will be faced with the dilemma as to which chemical cleaning solution you should try.

There are several of them available in the market, some of them you are already familiar with, such as Drano, Roebic Labs, Liquid Plumr etc. They may come in bacterial, gas format, gels or liquids, but all pretty much maintain one concept, which is the use of lye to breakdown the matter that is clogging your drain. The term lye is a general term.

Some of them, not all, even claim to be safe, but if you don’t read the contents, you will miss the statement that they are corrosive to pipes, not safe for toilets and you may also need more than one treatment to solve your problem. With the wear and tear of the pipes, you eventually realize that the buildup of acid will breakdown the structural integrity of your pipes, leading them to corrosion.

What are the Signs of Erosion

One of the many signs of pipe erosion is the increase in your water bill, caused by leaking pipes. If you glance or more probably check through, you will see a rusty buildup of seeped holes or cracks brought caused by corrosion. Corrosion is the breakdown of the metal in those pipes. It is very important to get this fixed as soon as possible. If not done, get ready to shell out some cash in order to get it fixed. Hire a plumbing company that assists you in waterline repairs, pipe erosion, high velocity water jetting and who also run a maintenance check. According to the EPA“Research has shown that short periods of exposure to high levels of copper can cause gastrointestinal disturbance, including nausea and vomiting” and overtime can have more serious consequences for your health.

If you’re not sure, call a professional from A-General Plumbing and Sewer services for the best in class services and stop those unwanted pipe corrosion and water leaks in your home.


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