Rooter Services: Eliminate Those Intruding Roots

Rooter Services: Eliminate Those Intruding Roots

Clogged drains and sewer lines are the worst issues we face and unfortunately we become aware of this issue only when it becomes extremely severe. The blockages can be because of various reasons like unwanted things getting trapped in the line or a collection of muck in the pipeline. But the most unusual and very common reason for the blockage is the growth of tree roots in the pipeline.

Yes, growth of tree roots! The favorable condition in the pipeline encourages the growth of roots. The constant moisture and nutrients in the pipe are the reasons for the root growth. Trees need water for its growth and survival. And, they spread their roots wherever they will get the water supply. A pipeline has the abundance of the water and oxygen and so the roots enter in the sewage system. Even a small crack in the pipeline creates a space for roots to spread. And, once the roots enter into the pipe, it causes a huge damage to the sewer system.

Root intrusion in the drainage line can be a costly affair to repair. Once the roots enter in the drain and sewer line, they start growing. They get mixed up with the grease and other things, and then block the pipe completely. From clogging the drains to breaking it, the damage can be anything. If the pipeline is not much older, then only repairs would suffice. But if the pipeline is very old, it might break and then there would be no other option than replacing it completely.

But clearing these roots from pipeline is not an easy task. They won’t be cleared with the use of chemicals or any other ways. To clear these roots, asking for the professional help is the only option. Plumbing repair and drain cleaning service provider have their own tools to tackle with the issue and they know how to clear the pipes without damaging them.

Licenced plumbers have a solution to this problem. And, the solution is an equipment called as Rooter. They also call it plumber’s snake. This device contains sharp blades which are attached to a hefty cable which are inserted in the sewer line. The blades are then switched on with the motor attached to the cable. The blades cut through the invasive tree roots and shred them. This way, the pipe remains intact and is cleared of the blockages. But, it is necessary to be careful while selecting the size of the rooter equipment, as if the equipment is bigger than the sewer line, it might damage the pipe.

But this is the best and cost effective way removing the roots off the pipes. The plumber won’t have to dig up the ground to reach to the pipeline. This will save efforts on the plumber’s side and would save cash on your side. So it is a win-win situation for all.

So, if you are facing clogged sewer line issue, it is best to call the professional plumber to check it. They would not just solve the issue, but they will also help you find the main cause of the problem. If you want to get the plumbing and drainage issue solved, contact A-General, they are the oldest plumbing services in Burlington County.


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