Signs of Sewer Line Blockage

Signs of Sewer Line Blockage

The sewer line is line that  throws off the waste of your house to the rounds and degrading the food down there. It transported the waste from your kitchen, bathroom, toilets and swimming pools to the floor. Most of us don’t have idea that sewer lines have some issues till we see blockages in a sink, or toilet. If these signs are ignored there will be a serious damage to sewer line as well as an entire house. Ultimately, spending large amounts on repairs is the option you are left with. If you understand and respond to your home’s early warning system many sewer line issues will be solved in advanced.

Signs of clogged drains and toilets-
The very first sign of clogged drains and toilets is when the water starts blocking up out of a drain or the toilet plumbing issues. Similarly, check if you can hear the gurgling sound coming from the drain. Check if your toilet starts dripping and also if you have water around the floor drain in the basement, that is one of the signs that you might face sewer line issues soon next.

Clogs will be in the main sewer line or in some of the secondary lines as well. On the next stage check the bathrooms to detect the problem. See if it is only a bathroom sink. See if the water goes down or it will come back into the bathtub as well. Then check the toilets. If it is working properly when you flush it. If you see any of these signs call resident sewer line repair service providers.

Tree roots and sewer line-

Most of the time the reason of the clogged sewer line is tree roots. Specifically, in older homes the problem is more prominent. However, in the newer houses a source of sewer blockage is due to feminine hygiene products, tissue papers, paper and thicker toilet paper. If they are flushed on large quantity it will need a professional bathroom plumber to clean it as they will have proper techniques to detect the blockage and get rid of that.
The sewer line system is like a human digestion system. If the food is not digested properly and if unwanted material is not thrown out of the body regularly, we started falling ill. Our house is like our body and sewer line is our digestive system. Like we understand the symptoms of diseases, we also need to understand above signs that our house is about to fall ill.


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