Slab repair to protect your home from destruction

Slab repair to protect your home from destruction

It is said that if the base is strong of everything that we build, it will accompany us throughout our life. Similarly if the base of house is strong the house stays young for long time. To have a strong base of our house one must take care of slab leakages. Slab leakage can be very harmful for the foundation of the house. It can cause extensive damage to the house, which can be very risky. Repairing this damage cost a lot, so to avoid reconstruction of the entire house we can just repair the slab and stop the leakage

But, detecting slab leakage is not easy. Many times we don’t find the leakage until the damage is done. It is necessary to be alert regarding this issue. Slab leakages can because of the old pipes, broken pipes. Also, as weather changes, the soil in the foundation of the house shifts and cracks the pipes. It may happen that the pipes installed are not of good quality and overtime they break and lead to leakage. All these leaks happen inside the walls of your house. They are not easily visible. Subtle signs are our only hope to detect slab leaks.

Signs of slab leakage:

Water or electricity bills: All of a sudden, there is increase in the water bill and electricity bill. And you are sure that there has been no extra consumption, then it is better to contact the plumbing service provider. This excess bill may be because of water leakage or constant water heating. There may be a crack in the pipe, and that’s why the water will flow, leading to water wastage and extensive bill.

Water pressure: Less water pressure in faucets can be because of constant leakage somewhere. Water might be escaping from the cracked pipes. As the crack gets bigger, you will lose pressure from rest of your house. This water will start entering the foundation of the house. Less water pressure is the biggest warning indicating that it is time for slab repair.

Wet spots:  Another important sign is wet spot in particular area of your house. If you keep on seeing some area of the house is constantly wet and there is puddle on the floor, you can be sure that you are facing slab leakage Issue. Puddles form when the leakage is worse. It is bad thing for the your house and you should contact a licensed plumber immediately to rectify the problem.

Warm or cold spots: While walking on floor, you may feel sudden warmth or cool below your feet. Every time you pass the spot, the temperature of that particular area is different from the rest of the floor. Check for the signs of noise coming from that spot. Leakage can be beneath  that spot.

If you see these signs, it is better to contact the plumber immediately. Prevention is always better than cure! If you are facing this problem in New Jersey, then contact A-General, they are the oldest in this field.


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