Tankless Water Heaters: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Tankless Water Heaters: Weighing the Pros and Cons


Ask any 24-hour reliable emergency plumbing service in New Jersey, and you are sure to get the reply that these days the best water heaters are tankless water heaters. There was a time when even the best emergency plumber in New Jersey would recommend only the storage type of water heater. But with changing needs, the scenario has moved towards the Tankless Water Heater. And for obvious reasons, some of the entailing advantages that we mention below.


  1. Tankless water heaters are just that, water heaters that don’t have a tank and heat the water available in the pipe, i.e., an online (mind you, not the digital variety!) water heater that heats water as it flows. Without a tank, its size is smaller, making it easier to buy, cart, fit and remove in times of need.
  1. Lower power consumption. With power being needed only with the shower switched on, and not when one is lathering and cleaning oneself during a bath, power consumption is “relatively” lower- though overall, the consumption is on the higher side given that providing heated water “instantly” invariably means an element that consumes more to heat water faster.
  1. Leading to shorter baths with lesser (overall) water consumption: The best emergency plumbers in the NJ area have these days witnessed that tankless water heaters with their excessive power consumption have reduced the time under the shower to much lower than before- an overall positive given that water too has its share of costs, that in some states can be pretty high.
  1. Lesser maintenance: In the absence of a dedicated tank to store heated water and the presence of a relatively smaller-sized heating element, commercial plumbing services in new jersey have observed that tankless water heaters require much less maintenance overall.
  1. Instant water heating: If you don’t have the time, patience or condition to wait, there is nothing like a tankless water heater to get hot water. Water under this option gets heated almost when the heater is switched on.
  1. Easy removal: If there is one aspect of an instant water heater that most 24-hour reliable emergency plumbing services in the NJ area love most, it is the system’s ability to be removed and shifted! It’s almost as easy as moving a completely movable asset like a PC! Just unplug it, get it off the hook on the wall after disconnecting the pipes, and you are good to go. On the other side, you need to attach the inlet and outlet pipes, hang it on the wall, plug in the the socket, and you are ready to get hot water!

Despite all its so-called positives, 24-hour plumbers in the NJ area will tell you that tankless water heaters have their share of cons. These include:


  1. Overall higher consumption: To get something good, you’ve got to lose something just as good. So goes the saying, which, in this case, is pretty close. To supply heated water while the tap is on, and in the absence of a storage tank, the only option that remains is a seriously powerful heating element. And what makes a heating element truly powerful is, well, the power that it consumes! The more power, the faster the heating. It’s precisely for this reason that the power consumption of a tankless instant water heater is higher.


  1. Not-so-sturdy heating element: Commercial plumbing services in the new jersey area insist that people take time to physically assess the heating elements in regular water heaters and Tankless Water Heaters. Just one glance and you would know that the one going into the latter is smaller and more contorted to make it fit the confines of a tiny space, unlike the almost-straight element of a water heater that goes into a built-in storage tank. The latter is more robust without twists and turns and easier to clean and put back.


  1. Lower life span of the heating element: A tankless water heater works non-stop from the time the system is switched on. If used unsparingly (which is the case with most places, including households), such constant wear-and-tear of the element reduces its life drastically. Something that may last for years could last only months.


Overall with pros and cons being almost equal, there are situations when tankless water heaters make more sense, like:


  1. Places with higher footfall: Hotels typically have people who constantly need to move. It makes tankless water heaters a dream for travellers who just need to step into the bath, flick the switch on, and everything is ready to go!


  1. People don’t want to wait: These are times of heightened impatience. Even the blink of an eye is too much to ask. What we want should be with us in a fraction of a second. Like heating water in a tankless water heater that, according to the best emergency plumbers in NJ, takes just that much to install. What else could one ask for?


  1. Water is relatively “soft”: Water with too much salt could ruin the experience of continuously flowing heated water. Corroding the element, it could clog the inlet and outlet pipes. It thus makes sense to first soften the water before heating it.


  1. Lesser space in bathrooms: These are times when everything is going nano-, including homes and rooms. One of the best ways to save space while getting more is by using a tankless water heater. What it could ask for, besides the heater, the inlet and outlet pipes, and a wall, is a commercial plumbing service in the new jersey area that could fit it the right way for continued usage.


Depending upon how you see it and your needs, a tankless water heater could, in equal measure, be a boon or a bane. That said, using it the right way for the right reasons with the assistance of the best emergency plumbers in the NJ area could give much-expected benefits. It’s very important to thoroughly weigh the benefits and drawbacks, as well as get advice from a licensed plumber, before deciding whether a tankless water heater is the best option for your home.



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