Tips To Avoid Or Resolve Commonly Faced Plumbing Issues

Tips To Avoid Or Resolve Commonly Faced Plumbing Issues

Whether it’s a house or any commercial office place, it is common to face different types of issues related to plumbing. Most of these issues arise due to our own negligence and regular activities. So, we can easily avoid most of these plumbing issues by avoiding all those activities and using simple solutions. Following are some of those issues and the solutions which can help us big way in avoiding any major residential plumbing repair-

Odors: One of the major and the commonly faced problem due to clogging of drains and pipes is the bad odor. There are very simple solutions to avoid this problem at your offices and homes. First of all, you need to be sure that the traps in the drain pipes are full of water since the lesser amount of water can easily evaporate and allows the pipes to catch fungi. The growth of fungi inside these pipes leads to bad odor. Secondly, you need to be sure the caps to the drains are tight and secure. You can also pour a small amount of bleach into the drain producing bad odor. It will help you in keeping the drain pipes clear and hence free from any bad odor. In case the odor still remains troublesome for your nose then you can always call professional drain cleaning service providers.

Chemical drain cleaners: It is always better to use chemical drain cleaners over crystal drain cleaners as the crystal drain cleaners may solidify inside the drain pipes and cause clogging. So it is better to use chemical drain cleaners for cleaning the drain and sewer pipes at your office and home. All you need to do is be careful while using these chemical drain cleaners as they can be harmful to you and the sanitary products you are using. Especially while using it for clearing drain which is completely clogged as the chemical sitting dormant on porcelain of bathtub or sink can damage the products.

Garbage Disposals: There is nothing to get surprised if you wake up one morning to see the drain or sewer pipes clogged due to the garbage disposal. The reason could be anything like stringy vegetables such as celery or even a banana peel as they wrap themselves around the mechanism to finally create a clog. To avoid such clogs, all you need to do is run water while operating the disposal. This simple activity helps the garbage flow through the pipes and avoid any kind of clogging inside. You can use lemon peels to diminish the bad odor coming from the garbage disposal. For any major clog, you can always hire a professional residential plumbing services to resolve the issue.

Toilets: Whenever you notice any sort of leakage in the toilets, do get it repaired instantly to avoid any major damage. Sometimes the leakage is due to a faulty flush valve only which is not that expensive and can easily be replaced. Then there are these toilet water ports and jets which become plugged with calcium or mineral buildup from the hard water. Take a metal hanger, poke the end of this hanger up into the ports and holes of the toilet to clear any buildup.

Just like these plumbing related issues, most of our daily life problems don’t originate suddenly but gradually. We can easily avoid them through our activities and can find simple solutions to resolve them in case.


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