Use Video Inspection and Reduce the Cost of Plumbing

Use Video Inspection and Reduce the Cost of Plumbing

Has this happened to you that you have shifted to a new place, and took enormous efforts to decorate the house as per your wish. But after a few days, you notice that there is water leaking, right in the middle of the wall you designed so well. Now try as hard, you can’t find the origin of the leakage and giving up you call the plumber. The plumber doesn’t have any option but to break open the wall and check the pipes beneath it. Your beautifully designed wall is ruined and your efforts are wasted.

But those days are gone. Just like the rest of the world, even plumbing techniques have evolved and new technologies keep coming up to ease everyone’s lives. Video pipe inspection is one of the new technology developed. This is used to check the clogged and damaged pipelines. Though it may seem as an unnecessary expenditure, it is not. Video pipe inspection is the best way to assess the damage.

This technology is used to determine the damage caused to the pipe. A camera is sent through the pipeline which is facing issues and it records all the details. These recorded details help the plumber in deciding the extent of damage caused. And the homeowner can see for himself whether the plumber has given appropriate estimation of cost or not. This way, both the parties are satisfied.

Video pipe inspection system is needed for various reasons. Here are the few, which matter the most.

Reaches the remotest: These video cameras’ are very small in size and can go through the smallest pipes. And once the camera is in the pipe, it has access to the unimaginable places/areas of the pipe. Without this system, the plumber would have difficulty in finding out the problem in those areas of the plumbing system which are not easily reachable. This camera being very small in size can go to those area which cannot be reached otherwise. So, it is a good way of checking the health of the plumbing system.

Accurate diagnosis: This inspection method gives the exact place of the damage. It helps in determining all the areas of damage. It also shows the areas which are vulnerable for damage in future. The plumber gets the clear view of the plumbing system and with that he can determine whether the pipe needs to be replaced or just repaired. Without this technology, the licensed plumber would have to resort to digging up the plumbing system open. It would not only take time but it will also cost a lot.

Minimum damage to the surrounding: As the video pipe inspection shows the exact area of problem, it saves on the digging part which would have been inevitable without it. Without this technique, the plumber would have to open the complete system and find the problem. It may happen that even after opening up the system, the plumber may not be able to determine the exact area of problem. But with this system, he would know the definite area of the issue. So, he won’t have to dig up the whole area, just the place of the damage. And the walls of your house or the beauty of your garden remain safe from any type of casualty.

Saves your hard-earned money: This technology is cost effective and also time saving. Instead of getting laborers to dig up your plumbing system, you just use a tiny camera. The laborers are saved from the tiring job of digging up the place and you save on the cost you would have incurred on the laborers. Also, this will save the extra time needed for repairing the pipe. You also save on the cost of renovation as you only have to work on the area which was repaired and not the whole place. The cost of video inspection is not much, so you’ll only have to pay for the inspection and the repairs. Isn’t it a pocket-friendly technology?

So, next time you face any blocked drainage issue or leakage issue, you know what to ask your plumber for. If you are searching for plumbing services in Monmouth County or Ocean county in New Jersey, contact A- General. They have the best and latest technology in plumbing and drain cleaning services.


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