Video Sewer-Line Inspection! Hitting The Nail Right On Its Head

Video Sewer-Line Inspection! Hitting The Nail Right On Its Head

Trouble lies where one can’t see things. The worst of accidents happen in the dead of night. The worst of health problems arise in the most inaccessible areas of the body like the brain, the heart or deep inside the bones.

Something similar is the case with drains. We can’t see inside of them on a regular basis and presume everything is fine. Till the invariable happens which in the world of plumbing can mean ONLY one thing: A sewer-pipe burst or leak. Worse, your sewer water overflows your chamber, comes onto the road and goes all over the neighborhood!

If this seems to be the case, and has been happening with unerring regularity, it’s time to go for video sewer-line inspection otherwise variously called drain inspection service, pipeline inspection service and pipeline repair services.

Quite like a camera on a surgical device which is sent right into body cavities either from the mouth or the other end, in video sewer-line inspection services too, a camera is lowered to the dark depths of a sewer-line. Placed on a movable skid, the camera appears somewhat similar to a skateboard. With the latter having wheels which don’t jam easily, the sewer-pipe inspection system once lowered into the confines of a sewer-line moves towards its intended target with electric & data-line cables in tow. On reaching its intended target, the video camera records all that it surveys which is faithfully carried back in digital form thru the dedicated cable to a computer stationed in a vehicle stationed not far from the mouth of the sewer-line which may be owned by the pipeline repairs and inspection company. What happens next is that the video footage is edited to the right size which contains ONLY the relevant matter. Upon being shown to the client, the next course of action is formulated and set in place.

The advantage of undertaking video sewer line inspection include:

No physical contact with anything toxic which is all that you find in most drains

No chance of a workman getting overwhelmed by fumes and gases in the drains

Going to the root of the problem with the most exact of solutions for a permanent solution

Long-term solution where the obstruction are in the form of tress, sludge, broken or damaged pipes or the likes

Recorded evidence of things having gone wrong which in the event of a litigation can be of immense use.

Confirms to the property owner the scale of decay and the best course of action.

Video sewer line inspection are thus a great service from which one should never shy away. It may seem expensive initially but it’s results would be there for everyone to see and take the right decision whose effect may be felt for a lifetime!


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