Water Jetting Can Clean Large Amount of Debris within Just Few Minutes

Water Jetting Can Clean Large Amount of Debris within Just Few Minutes

To put it in simple words, water jetting is the process in which water is pushed with great speed towards the concerned surface in-order to clean it.

Water jetting is also known as hydro jetting, and is popularly used in cleaning drain lines or cleaning chemicals in industries. Plumbers recommend people to opt for water jetting while cleaning underground pipes, as this method helps plumbers to get rid of large amount of debris and garbage within few minutes. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of water jetting.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Chemical flushing and drain snaking are the most common methods used for cleaning pipes and sewers. Unfortunately, these methods can remove blockage on temporary basis by simply moving some part of debris to allow water flow. The concerned drain pipe can get blocked once again when the sticky residue of debris attracts more garbage. While on the other hand, water jetting completely removes the debris and does not leave any residue behind. The only way to remove this debris is to use hydro jetting and completely removing the sticky material from pipes.

Helps Mother Nature

Hydro jetting method is considered environmental friendly, as this method of pipe cleaning does not require any harmful chemicals. Plus, in-case of underground drainage pipe cleaning, water Jetting can help you to save hundreds of dollars, as there is no need to dig up and remove those pipes for cleaning.

If you use chemicals for cleaning, those harmful chemicals might cause damage to water filtering units and pollute sewage water treatment plants as well. Hydro cleaning does not involve use of chemicals, so it does not pollute the environment. Plus, it does not allow those bacteria and insects from the pipe to reach the surface.

Cost-effective method of cleaning

Gone are those days when problems in underground pipes meant digging roads, backyards, uprooting trees, etc. These days, all that you need to do is call up your local plumber. They will perform video pipe inspection and recommend the perfect spot for water jetting. Once you clean drainage lines with water jetting, you won’t have to worry about debris and garbage accumulation for next few years.

Hydro jetting helps in saving unnecessary cost involved in digging which may run into hundreds of dollars in some cases.

Can water jetting damage drain lines while cleaning?

Hydro jetting is not only used to clean layers of debris accumulated inside drainage pipes. This method is also used to clean industrial equipments and to clean floor tiles inside residential and commercial properties. Water jetting cannot cause damage to pipes and sewers, as this process does not involve usage of harmful, strong chemicals which can damage fiber / plastic pipes. However, you should only call experienced drain cleaning service provider to conduct this procedure.

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