What Are the Common Plumbing Issues in Kitchen?

What Are the Common Plumbing Issues in Kitchen?

Women are very possessive of their kitchen. They want the kitchen to be according to their choice and don’t like it if someone else makes any changes to it. They are really possessive, even of the sinks and disposal units. It is all fine when the everything working properly, but the real problem arises when something goes wrong. Problems in kitchen is not good, as that threatens our evening dinner.

To make the chores easier, we include many appliances in the kitchen. Majority of them are attached to the plumbing system of our house. And if something goes wrong, it can affect the plumbing system of the house. So, to avoid such situations, we have to take little efforts and make sure nothing goes wrong with the equipment.

Following are the issues which arise in the kitchen regularly:

Faucet leakage: Over the time, the faucets wear out and start leaking. At first you may not notice the leakage, due to little water dripping. But if you ignore the issue, the leakage may increase a lot. That would mean a lot of water wastage. When you notice the leakage, check the aerator. It is the small screen at the end of the faucet. Loosen it and reattach the aerator. But before doing this, shut off the water supply to the faucet. If the leakage doesn’t stop, it is recommended to call the licensed plumber to get it checked.

Clogged or leaking sink: Both of this issues are very serious. Leakage in the sink may happen because of the faulty pipes or damage to the pipes. It is better to get the pipeline repaired immediately. Clogged drains can happen due to the greasy substances getting stuck in the drains. The drains may not be clogged completely so, you can try to do it yourself and get the blockage removed. Use liquid drain cleaner, they might be helpful in clearing the drains. But don’t use chemical drain cleaners, as they might harm the drains internally and add to the plumbing repairs.

Problem with the Dishwasher: When we use dishwasher, we make sure that we have removed all the solid food particles. But sometimes they remain and get stuck in the dishwasher. This can cause some damage to the parts of the dishwasher. Also, there might be leakage in the dishwasher. It can be because of the loose hose or damaged spray arm. It won’t damage the whole dishwasher. That part can be replaced.

Blocked Garbage disposal: Garbage disposal is the most helpful appliance in the kitchen. But when it gets blocked, it can be very troublesome. If the disposal unit is cleaned regularly, the blockages can be avoided. Clean the disposal unit with ice. But if it is blocked, don’t try to clean it yourself. It is better to consult the licensed plumber regarding the repairs of garbage disposal.

These few issues are common in the kitchen. And if proper care is taken, they can be avoided. But if you face such issues, it is best to contact the plumbing services as soon as possible. For plumbing repairs in Atlantic County, contact A-General. They have the latest technology to deal with plumbing and drain cleaning problems.


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