What Exactly is a Video Pipe Inspection and How Does It Work

What Exactly is a Video Pipe Inspection and How Does It Work

To put it in the words of Captain James T Kirk of Starship USS Enterprise fame “To go where no man has gone before” which could in all possibilities be the inside of a restricting sewer line. What can though and bring to light all the goes on in inner-space is a sewer line camera inspection which in trade parlance is called the “video pipe inspection service”!

Yes, the place being the exact opposite of the outer-space, it is precisely space that is the constant constraint. That said, one cannot leave the sewer line to its mercy. Doing so could give respite in the present but could be asking for trouble later. And big trouble at that!

One of the best ways to treat the all-important-but-rarely-cared-for sewer line is to subject it to a video pipe inspection service. You might be tempted to ask: How it works.

Among other things the video pipe inspection systems has the following components:

  1. A small though powerful water-proof camera
  2. The former being fitted to a sledge kind of an arrangement that makes it easy to place and move it in a pipe of extremely small dimensions as well
  3. A cord to retrieve the craft after it has done its job within the sewer line that incidentally also carries the connection from the camera to the viewing station which could be in a truck carrying the cord-roller, as also the jetting tank and related paraphernalia.
  4. (optional) a jetting nozzle with its pipe to remove obstructions with a jet-blast of water

The idea of a video inspection is quite like the highly miniaturized pin-hole camera that is used to study and clear obstructions in the veins and arteries of the heart. It tells you exactly where the obstruction is besides giving a clear idea of its quantum and type. The next step of clearing the obstruction, be it tree roots, silt, sludge or grime depends entirely upon the type of obstruction. In any case, the Video Pipe Inspection system gives a live and working idea of what ails a sewer-line.

The information gathered from a video pipe inspection system can then be used for the best possible way to address issues in a sewer-line, be it leaks or obstructions.


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