Why is Thanksgiving the Cause of Plumbing Problems in NJ

Why is Thanksgiving the Cause of Plumbing Problems in NJ

Be it Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year eve, the issue remains the same. People come together in large numbers, eat drink and enjoy and use the toilet in capacities that are much, much more than the usual. Add to that some thankless souls likely to throw stuff like non-degradable plastic wrappers into the bowl. No prizes for guessing what you get at the end of all the celebration. A toilet that feels like expressing itself and to show it, overflows! This isn’t the only problem. Something similar could be the case with the kitchen with its drains too being chocked with food left-overs in quantities much larger than the normal. Taps too get used much more than usual, and run the risk of leaking due to over-use.

In the end, what one gets is a home with leaks all over that’s more cause for concern than celebrations.

And why does it happen in the first place?

* Lack of regular preventive maintenance

Thanksgiving or otherwise, the central cause of plumbing problems in NJ or for that matters anywhere on the planet is the lack of regular preventive maintenance. Sewer-lines carry the kind of stuff we don’t want to even think about once it is flushed down the drain. That said, there are things that do not get washed away the way we want it to. Stuff like what goes into kitchen sink, and sometimes even bathroom sewers are full of greasy and sticky matter which has to be removed ASAP or run the risk of accumulating and solidifying- a problem that’s even worse as it isn’t easy to dislodge.

The only way to ward away this eventuality is to have a well-appointed and well-followed cleaning schedule that is strictly adhered to. What it does is to keep drain lines in the right condition to handle loads much higher than normal and never ever choking. Add to that the right set of chemicals and detergents to wash away grime, lard and other heavy stuff. What you get is a sewer-line that’s in pristine shape and ever-ready to handle any amount of refuse and wastes.

*Pushing away expensive and extensive replacements

While it’s criminal to procrastinate with maintenance, a related culprit is pushing expensive and extensive replacements under the carpet- till the carpet either comes apart or rises to touch the ceiling. Sewer-lines may sometimes demand things like a camera inspection and jetting and a complete replacement of the line itself or parts of it. While it may be expensive. It obviates problems for a very, very long time- especially of the sewer overflowing irrespective of reasons. With so much to be lost to a back-flushing toilet, one ought to make an informed assessment and get the needful done. What’s worse than a dirty home is a reputation that raises the stink even further.

*Habit of putting waste directly into the drain!

This one is a classic be it the kitchen sink, the bath sink or the commode, our habit of flinging non-degradable stuff into the pot is perhaps the most innocuous of habits that invariably brings us to grief- FAST! What ought to be done is to be conscious of what we throw where and for what reason. Among others, it shall keep the sewer unblocked to accept a load of waste at any time.

*Taking important days lightly

One of the first and worst mistakes is to not remember important dates during the year when the sewer system is likely to experience super-heavy usage, and take things lightly. That’s till hell comes calling and takes back everything from great furniture, carpets and worse of all, your reputation and respect. On the contrary, what should happen is that the moment on remembers the word “party”, “great time”, “family gathering” and the likes, one’s subconscious mind should get to ACT. And FAST!

*Absence of a good 24-hour emergency plumbing service in the NJ region

The last of our points is that sometimes the biggest hurdle in plumbers not being available in the first place is that either you stay in inaccessible places or the best of the 24-hour emergency plumbers in NJ are busy and can’t make it on time.

With ThanksGiving round the corner, we suggest you take things seriously and find the right emergency plumbers in NJ and get things sorted before the great day!


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