What precautions should you take for avoiding water and sewer line repair?

What precautions should you take for avoiding water and sewer line repair?

Most of us would have faced a situation, where some sewer pipe or drains of our house is blocked and water is logging in the kitchen or bathroom area. In such situations either we have to clear the blockage ourselves using some chemical products like Trap-clear and in case the situation is quite serious, then we hire a reputable commercial drain and sewer cleaning service provider to clear the blockage. Still, none of us ever bothers to figure out the reasons of these blockages and find a way out to avoid them.

So, let’s check out some extremely useful tips to avoid blockages of sewer pipes and drains in your house-

1) Avoid throwing food waste down the sink : While washing utensils in the kitchen, it is possible that you pour some greasy and fatty liquids from food down the drain. As these greasy liquids may not flow that easily through the drain due to less viscosity, it may create a blockage in the drain with passing time. So, it is highly recommended to avoid pouring such greasy liquids down the drain and prevent unnecessary blockages.

2) Clean the outlets regularly : There are many outlets in our house like baths, toilets and sinks. It may happen that you may not clean either of these outlets depending upon the usage or time. The possibility is there that gradually settling of dirt and hair build-up may block the outlets you are not cleaning regularly. So, to avoid such unnecessary clogging of pipes and drains, you should regularly clean all such outlets using good quality disinfectants available in the market.

3) Keep a check on the kids: Kids are very fond of throwing one or the other thing into toilets and was it away for fun sake. At their age, they do not realize the consequences of such activities, so they just do it. In such situations it is quite possible that they end up create some serious blockage in any of the pipes or drains. It becomes the responsibility of all the adults present in that home to keep an eye of kids and prevent such activities. In case you miss and the situation seems serious for you, you can immediately call some professional for cleaning clogged sink or drain in New Jersey.

4) Avoid using chemical products or detergents : There are various types of cleaning products available in the market for cleaning sinks and toilets, which contain some harmful chemicals. They chemical products or detergents not only damage the pipes, but also get clogged on the inner walls of outlets and reduce the water flow. Instead of using such harmful products it is better to use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. This will not only increase the life of pipes or drains, but also save your money.

5) Regular service of sewers and drains : Once in 6 months, hire a commercial drain and sewer cleaning service provider to clean all types outlets present in your house. Instead of your regular cleaning and check there are few things where you cannot do anything to avoid blockages. For example: Growth of tree roots in pipes. In such situation only professionals can help you in removing tree roots from sewers or drains.

In case you keep taking the above mentioned instructions, then there are less chances that


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