Why do basements flood?

Why do basements flood?

Residential plumbing services worldwide will tell you that one place that easily fills with water- even in dry conditions is the basement. Built at the lowest part of the house, and in most cases, built way below the surrounding areas, residential plumbing repairs in most places have a field day cleaning basements.

Sometimes the cleaning may be needed for entirely unrelated reasons. Today we tell of all the reasons for which your basement anywhere in the world call get flooded for.

1. Water collection due to natural reasons. Heavy rains are one reason why basements get flooded requiring the services of residential plumbing repairs as also sometimes, residential drain cleaning where drains surrounding the area get clogged.

2. Leak(s) in water pipe(s) or sewer line(s) near basement(s): Metallic pipes rust over time and sometimes leak which cause basements to flood. Even the new plastic pipes may crack of they are not of good quality or are put the wrong way which cases strain. The same goes for drains and sewers. Overtime, water that collects may find their way into basements needing the services of qualified residential drain cleaning services.

3. Basements build on the side of a hill: Water flowing down a hillock may get obstructed by structures built there causing a pool to form. If the pool stays long enough, water may percolate down the sides of such structures into the basement, if there is one. You would then need the assistance of qualified residential plumbing services to first evacuate the basement and if need be do changes to the structure such that water flows down the hill without any obstruction.

4. Basement with underground springs: In some parts of the world, the natural water table could be very high – just about a few feet below the surface of the visible surroundings. Building a basement in such places may need careful consideration before construction because, water here is a constant threat and not a one-off case. In these parts residential plumbing services could be used as consultants to understand how and where water is likely to collect in the basement. Accordingly, a basement may be constructed with proper facility for drainage.

If your town has good residential plumbing services, use them early on in the construction or when the property is being purchased so as to avoid flooding of your basement.


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