A-General Plumbing Tutorial: Basics of Plumbing That You Should Know

A-General Plumbing Tutorial: Basics of Plumbing That You Should Know

Plumbing issues are in variable, some may want to remove that unwanted clog from the sewer lines, some of you want to fix the kitchen sink, some might be looking to replace the septic tank and others may look for a plumber to do grease trapping.

But before you start fixing the plumbing problems all by yourselves, there are some basic guidelines that one needs to adhere to before going on a mission to do it yourself (DIY).

Shut the main water supply

First thing first. You have a leak and you need to replace a plumbing fixture with your own. In either case you will need to start by finding the water shut off to that fixture. Most of the times there are at least two or three places to shut off water to a plumbing fixture.

* Check the fixture thoroughly as behind the toilet or under the sink there should be a shut off valve. If something is giving you problems or you are trying to repair always shut the water off from here first.

* If you are working on a hot water line that is leaking, there is a shut off valve above the hot water heater. This valve will shut off just the hot water supply to the house.

* To the most important pipeline, is the main line through which water comes to each and every fixture. This can usually be found out in the front of the house if that is where the meter is located. If you are in colder locations the main shutoff may be located in the basement, just to avoid corrosion and burst.

* If still you are finding it difficult to shut the water supply, check at the water meter itself. Water meter boxes sometimes have two shut off valves one on the customer side and one on the city side of the meter.

Calling a professional Plumber

Many a times a plumbing repair can be done by yourself as the issue is minimal. But what if requires the attention of a professional? However, when calling a professional plumber to make sure they are legally and sound and professionally equipped. Do a background check, look at the services offered, do they provide video inspection, are they equipped with Jetting services. Even some seemingly easy projects are best handled by a pro. Save yourself some time and trouble by calling a professional for the following types of plumbing projects.

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