Nor’easter is Here: Get those Frozen Pipes Fixed

Nor’easter is Here: Get those Frozen Pipes Fixed

The deadly Nor’easter,  the snow filled cold winds have grappled most parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. And it’s giving residents of both the states a real hard time, as far as their plumbing and home fixtures are concerned, as the water lines and the drain lines are getting affected due to the continuous cold weather also known as ‘Polar Vortex’.  As in most parts of the U.S, both these states, the business hubs of the eastern region face such adversely affected weather at least once a year.

Well with roads getting blocked with the free fall of the snow, there stands a little chance for your home plumbing and fixtures to resist the hazardous situation. To keep up with the changing atmosphere make sure you run a complete check and maintenance on all possible sewer lines, drain lines, rooftop leakages,  septic tanks and wastewater management. Make this into a monthly practice, small services can be done at home, if one has the right kind of equipments, otherwise it’s best to hire a local plumbing service company for the best and desired result.

As explained in some of our previous blog’s a frozen pipe if not treated early can give a homeowner a good run for his money, if the pipe burst’s out and water starts to leak.

Frozen pipes

Frozen pipes are the most common plumbing headache of all during the Nor’easter or polar vortex. This happens from the high water pressure being mixed with the below freezing temperatures. Due to this, not only will frozen pipes prevent you from having running water, but it can also lead to more serious damage that lead to cracked or broken pipes. Frozen pipes should always be repaired by a professional plumbing and drain cleaning company, as a layman won’t’ have that much knowledge as a professional or an accredited plumber.

Hot water heater problems in the cold weather

Cold showers and leaky hot water heaters are the last thing we want to deal with in the polar vortex. There are reasons why hot water heaters become leaky. Whether it is the pressure valve, temperature checker, pipe connector, inlets, drain valve, hot water tank, it is a tough process and better done by a professional.

If you are a resident or have  a commercial establishment in the state of New Jersey, and have been facing the wrath of Nor’Easter in your vicinity, call up A-General for a perfect solution to your frozen pipe repair in Ocean County, Burlington County, Atlantic County and Monmouth County and surrounding.


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