A-General Tutorial: Toilet Care and Frozen Pipes Maintenance

A-General Tutorial: Toilet Care and Frozen Pipes Maintenance

For any homeowner the most important part of a household is the plumbing system, which needs a lot of attention in order to continue functioning properly. Homeowners of dated or older properties, need to keep in mind that as the plumbing system ages, pipelines start to shift and leak, whereas appliances start to break down. Only if you know some of the plumbing basics, you are most likely to notice anything unusual, but check on it at once until the problem gets severely out of control. Do not forget that any kind of water damage that happens to a home could potentially cost thousands of dollars to get it fixed, taking into account any repairs or replacement services.

To make you understand better as to what you can do to maintain the smooth flow of your home plumbing system, A-General has organized this guide to help you understand on how you can prevent and solve common plumbing issues.

Take Care of the Toilet

The toilet bowl is one of the most important plumbing system of any residential property. It toilet has a huge responsibility in the overall functionality of a plumbing system, as it handles a lot of waste and is always vulnerable to clogging. If the drain pipe leading from the toilets out to the sewer gets blocked, enormous clogs are formed and can cause backup flow, which can only be addressed by a trained and professional plumbing company. Besides having a toilet plunger nearby to clear out the clogged drain lines and sewer lines, you may also need some extra equipments such as a snake drain. Keep in mind that when you use highly acidic cleaners on old pipes, it can weaken and even cause corrosion and cracks. But keeping a safe side, it is always better hiring a local plumbing company to help you out in such matters. At A-General we provide drain line cleaning and maintenance services to help out our loyal customers from any plumbing system hassles.

The adversity of Frozen Pipes

It is that time of the year when the cold winds and snow, not only hamper your physical self, but it is a major problem with your residential pipelines. In the winter season, exterior walls of the house that do not get a lot of sunlight, can drop to glacial temperatures, even during the day. If there are water lines, drains lines or pipes of any kind running through these walls, they are at risk of freezing or even bursting. A situation you want to avoid as quickly as possible. When a pipe freezes, the general process would be to thaw them to prevent any further issue. But one has to be very careful while performing this process because if air gets trapped, the forming ice will cause the air to burst through, eventually ending up as a burst pipe. In order to prevent this, use pipe insulators or electric heating tape to keep them at normal temperature.

Do not hesitate to give us a call, if you think that the DIY process is not working. Ours is a fully dedicated, trained, accredited and a licensed plumbing company in New Jersey, and provide you with all the general plumbing services as well as septic tank maintenance services in Monmouth county, Ocean County, Burlington County and Atlantic County.


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