Aftereffects of Copper Sulfate use for root killing are indeed harmful

Aftereffects of Copper Sulfate use for root killing are indeed harmful

Tree roots causing sewer line clogs are treated with Copper sulfate crystals, which is toxic for the roots. The tree roots which come in direct contact with copper sulfate get killed but adequate care should be taken while using copper sulfate as excessive exposure to it is considered to be hazardous.

Copper sulfate used for drain cleaning combines copper and sulfur and it is an inorganic compound. The toxic element of copper sulfate depends on the copper content in it. It can kill plants, fungi and roots. Various products contain copper sulfate and some of them are also used for organic farming.

Make sure that copper sulfate does not come in contact with your skin or eyes. According to a number of experts, if copper sulfate remains in stomach even for a short time, the syndrome could be severe. Small amount of copper sulfate can cause you problems such as vomiting and headache. Copper sulfate can damage your skin big time as it absorbs through skin very easily.

Poisoning as a result of consumption of copper sulfate will lead to vomiting. In such a situation your skin color will change as your skin might turn yellowish. Your urine color will also be affected as a result of poisoning by copper sulfate.

Various studies have found out that copper sulfate is non toxic to bees and moderately toxic to birds. Copper sulfate is highly toxic to fish and other marine life. Several species of fish are sensitive to copper sulfate.

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